Sample Sections From The Book

4.9 The JMF Time Modelpdf

6.2 The Controller Statespdf

7.3 JMF API support for capturing mediapdf

8.3 The Processor Modelpdf

10.4 Storing both audio and video in the name filepdf

11.3 Media Reception using a Media Locatorpdf

13.1 The Real-time Transport Protocolpdf

16.4 Quality Controlpdf

17.3 Controlling multiple playerspdf

21.3.3 Videophone modulepdf

Example Multimedia MIDlets : playing mono tonepdf

Developing Multimedia Applications
With The
JavaTM Media Framework

(includes JMF 2.1.1 & MMAPI)

First Edition


Download Demo version of Cosmophone v1.01

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Foreword for the book by Mr. Amith Yamasani, Sun Microsystems Inc.

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