Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Madras
Research Guidance

Ph.D Guidance
Students NameTitle of the thesisYear
Madhu Mohan NNovel Signal Conditioning Circuits for Resistive Sensors2010
Ashoka Reddy KNovel Methods for Performance Enhancement of Pulse Oximeters 2008
Boby GeorgeDifferential Capacitive Sensors – Signal Conditioning and Design. 2007
Rameshwaran KDesign of one dimensional and multi dimensional modular digital filters using the concept of generalized immittance converter2003
Vinod V ThomasNon-invasive techniques for rotor fault detection of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor2003
Joseph S PaulModel Based interpretation of ECG for QRS filtering and Arrhythmia detection.2000
Atmanand, MANovel schemes for impedance measurement and their Implementation through electronic circuits.1997

MS (by research) Guidance
Students NameTitle of the thesisYear
Santosh S ChavanAn Open Standard Protocol for Networking of Energy Meters2008
Kedharinath SSensor head for remote sensing of conductive deposits2008
Amol Shet RDirect Digital Conversion for Push-Pull type  Capacitive Sensors 2005
Madhu Mohan, NNovel Signal Conditioning Circuits for Push-pull type Transducers2003
Ajeetha Kumari, VSignal conditioning circuits for computation and direct digital conversion2003
Ramananda Rao, GDesign & development of a microcontroller based Pulse-oxymeter. 2000
Badarinath, CDesign and development of a microcomputer based instrument for testing of ferromagnetic materials.1995
Sudhkara Rao, KDesign and development of a frequency-independent phase-shifter & its application to C-tan delta measurement. 1994
Rajkumar, N Energy system variables through simultaneous sensing of current and voltage using a single mono-mode fibre. 1992
Himanshu O. ModiSignal recovery techniques for fibre-optic current sensors1991