Video lectures from the iCS group @ IIT Madras

EE539: Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Jan.-May 2008

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Instructor: Nagendra Krishnapura

Course syllabus, schedule, and assignments can be seen here. If you wish to download these lectures for offline viewing, save the .swf file and view it in a browser with flash plugin or a standalone flash player.

You can download the entire set of lectures(690MB). The archive contains directories for each day's lecture. It also has an index file 2008-ee539-nkrishnapura.html from which you can access the lectures.

  1. 2008-01-01: Introduction to the course
  2. 2008-01-02: Negative feedback amplifiers-basic concept, frequency and time domain behavior
  3. 2008-01-07: Negative feedback amplifier nonidealities-Finite dc gain; additional poles and zeros
  4. 2008-01-08: Negative feedback amplifier nonidealities-Effect of additional poles in time and frequency domains
  5. 2008-01-09: Negative feedback systems-Effect of additional poles and zeros; Modifying zeros by changing input and output points around the loop
  6. 2008-01-11: Realizing negative feedback systems with opamps
  7. 2008-01-14: DC negative feedback around opamps; Fully differential opamps
  8. 2008-01-15: Components available on a CMOS IC
  9. 2008-01-18: Assignment 1 discussion
  10. 2008-01-21: Assignment 1 discussion
  11. 2008-01-22: Random and systematic mismatch, process variations
  12. 2008-01-23: MOS large signal and small signal models
  13. 2008-01-29: MOS small signal model; mismatch in MOS transistors
  14. 2008-01-30: AC small signal model of the MOSFET; concept of fT
  15. 2008-02-01: Resistor noise model
  16. 2008-02-04: MOSFET noise mode; BJT small signal and noise model
  17. 2008-02-05: MOSFET, BJT noise models
  18. 2008-02-06: Assignment 2 discussion
  19. 2008-02-08: Assignment 2 discussion
  20. 2008-02-11: Common source amplifier-dc and small signal analysis
  21. 2008-02-12: Common source amplifier-noise, and ac analyses
  22. 2008-02-18: Quiz 1 discussion; Assignment 3 discussion
  23. 2008-02-19: Common source amplifier
  24. 2008-02-22: Common source amplifier; Miller effect
  25. 2008-02-25: Common gate amplifier-circuit derivation; gain and input impedance
  26. 2008-02-26: Common gate amplifier-small signal dc and noise analyses
  27. 2008-02-27: Common gate amplifier-ac analysis
  28. 2008-02-28: Recording error :-(
  29. 2008-03-03: Power, bandwidth, and signal to noise ratio; Impedance and frequency scaling of circuits
  30. 2008-03-04: Biasing transistors at a given current
  31. 2008-03-05: Biasing transistors at a given current
  32. 2008-03-07: Biasing arrangements; current mirror; common drain amplifier
  33. 2008-03-10: Simple current mirror; cascode current mirror
  34. 2008-03-11: Amplifiers biased at a constant current
  35. 2008-03-12: Differential pair-introduction
  36. 2008-03-14: Differential and common mode half circuits
  37. 2008-03-17: Opamp CMRR requirements; Need for single and multi stage amplifiers; Differential pair with passive and active loads
  38. 2008-03-18: Differential pair with active load-gain, output resistance, CMRR
  39. 2008-03-24: Quiz II discussion
  40. 2008-03-25: Differential pair frequency response, noise
  41. 2008-03-26: Differential pair noise, offset, slew rate
  42. 2008-03-28: Effects of opamp slew rate, Assignment 6 discussion
  43. 2008-03-31: Telescopic cascode opamp
  44. 2008-04-01: Folded cascode opamp-dc gain
  45. 2008-04-02: Telescopic cascode opamp frequency response
  46. 2008-04-04: Telescopic and folded cascode opamp-noise, mismatch, slew rate
  47. 2008-04-08: Two stage opamp-topology, frequency response
  48. 2008-04-09: Two stage opamp-frequency response, noise
  49. 2008-04-11: Accurate biasing circuits; Two stage opamp slew rate
  50. 2008-04-15: Fully differential opamps, common mode feedback
  51. 2008-04-16: Fully differential opamps, common mode feedback, CMFB loop stability
  52. 2008-04-16-II: Fully differential two stage opamp, common mode feedback
  53. 2008-04-21: Course summary