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Training Lectures

(At Wipro, Sasken, Flextronics/Hughes, Nokia, Freescale, HCL, ADI DSP Center at IITM, Qualcomm)

-- WCDMA Physical Layer and CDMA Receiver Design
-- Basics of CDMA and Packet Data in CDMA Systems
-- UMTS Network Architecture & Protocols
-- 3GPP High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)
-- 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)
-- Viterbi Decoding, MAP and Turbo Decoding
-- Detection and Estimation Theory

Industry-funded/Consultancy projects

Capacity and Design of LDPC Codes for Bidirectional Relaying, Nokia/Renesas Mobile, Co-investigator with Andrew Thangaraj, June 2010 - July 2012.

Medium Access Control for MANETs, CDAC, Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 2015 - Jun 2015. Co-investigator: Venkatesh Ramaiyan.

Design Review of 5G wireless modem, WiSig Networks Pvt Ltd, Mar 2018 - Mar 2020.

Self-Learning Wireless Receiver Design, Nokia, Jun 2018 - May 2020.