Research Scholars

Student Thesis topic Degree Status
Biswarup Mukherjee
(Co-guide: Boby George)
Design and development of a manikin based regional ophthalmic anesthesia training system PhD Graduated (2015)
Ashish Kumar Sahani An Automatic Device for Comprehensive Evaluation of Vascular Stiffness PhD Graduated (2015)
Mithun MS A Real-time Tool for Locating Metal Shrapnel in Human Body during Surgery PhD Graduated (2015)
Nabeel PM
(Co-guide: Jayaraj Joseph)
Methods for Cuff less Blood Pressure Measurement MS+PhD Graduated (2019)
Anusha A Human Psychological Stress Detection Using Physiological Parameters PhD Graduated (2019)
Nimal J
(Guide: Boby George)
Instrumentation System for Real-Time Visual Feedback for Ophthalmic Anesthesia Training PhD Graduated (2020)
Arathy R Accelerometer Patch Probe for Ambulatory Arterial Stiffness Monitoring PhD Graduated (2021)
Aparna Mohan
(Co-guide: V. Jagadeesh Kumar)
Signal Conditioning for Floating Wiper Inductive Sensors MS+PhD Graduated (2021)
Muthu Singaram
(Guide: VR Muraleedharan)
TBD PhD Ongoing
Ramdayalan K
(Co-guide: Jayaraj Joseph)
TBD PhD Ongoing
Rahul Manoj
(Co-guide: Jayaraj Joseph)
TBD MS+PhD Ongoing
Sriprabha Ramanarayanan TBD PhD Ongoing
Ayantika Das TBD PhD Ongoing
Aman Sharma TBD PhD Ongoing
Amalan S TBD PhD Ongoing
Jayaram M TBD PhD Ongoing
Pralaypati Ta TBD PhD Ongoing
Adarsh Singh Niranjan TBD PhD Ongoing
Preejith SP Design, development and validation of an ocular compression device MS Graduated (2013)
Gaurav G Design and validation of a photoplethysmograph based system for extraction of human respiratory rate MS Graduated (2014)
Anand Chandrashekhar Low cost Pulse Wave Velocity estimation using magnetic plethysmograph MS Graduated (2014)
Alka Nair Automated measurement of axonal transport velocity from kymograph MS Graduated (2015)
Malaykumar Ileshbhai Shah Automation of vascular anatomy identification in image-free ultrasound systems MS Graduated (2015)
Vaanathi S Detection of age-related macular degeneration on retinal fundus images MS Graduated (2015)
Garima Gupta Methods for the detection of diabetic retinopathy signs on color fundus image MS Graduated (2015)
Srinivas Karthik Post-op monitoring of tissue health in surgical flaps through photoplethysmograph MS Graduated (2016)
Akshaya R Image computing based screening and classification of pathology signs of Glaucoma MS Graduated (2017)
Kaushik Chowdhury Motion free quantitative immunoassay analyser MS Graduated (2017)
Thendral G
(C0-guide: Bharath Bhikkaji)
Efficient and robust algorithms for image-free arterial dynamics estimation MS Graduated (2017)
Payal Mohapatra An Optical Sensor and Algorithm Framework for a Wearable Cardiac Monitor MS Graduated (2017)
Renganthan B.S. Design, development and clinical validation of PRESENSE: A novel system to improve turn protocol and VAP bundle compliance MS Graduated (2019)
Sharath M.S.
(Co-guide: Kaushik Mitra)
Fully Convolutional Networks for Monocular Retinal Depth Estimation and Optic Disc-Cup Segmentation MS Graduated (2019)
Dhinesh R. Inertial sensors for sports and geriatric applications MS Graduated (2019)
Lalitha Pratyusha Real-time tracking of Immunoassay Reactions in Quantitative Lateral Flow Kits MS Graduated (2019)
Balamurali M Deep learning based faster MRI reconstruction techniques MS Graduated (2021)
Kompella Gayatri Segmentation of Femoral Cartilage from knee Ultrasound images for robotic arthroscopy surgery MS Ongoing
Ajay Kumar Gurrala TBD MS Ongoing
Jaya Chandra Raju TBD MS Ongoing
Amrit Kumar Jethi TBD MS Ongoing
Supriti Chaudhari TBD MS Ongoing
Poojitha Uthappa TBD MS Ongoing
Nicky Sahoo TBD MS Ongoing
Kapil Rathore TBD MS Ongoing
Arun Palla BD MS Ongoing
Madhumithra Krishnamoorthy TBD MS Ongoing
Vaibhav Joshi TBD MS Ongoing
Prajna Prakash Giri TBD MS Ongoing
Sneha Chand TBD MS Ongoing
Tanvi Kulkarni TBD MS Ongoing
Aqil Hussain TBD MS Ongoing
Veerasravanthi M TBD MS Ongoing
Shital Yelne TBD MS Ongoing
Rashmi Kumari TBD MS Ongoing
Suhail Ansari TBD MS Ongoing
Shyam A TBD MS Ongoing
Vaishali TBD MS Ongoing
Nishitha R TBD MS Ongoing
Rahul GS TBD MS Ongoing
Bhumika Gupta TBD MS Ongoing
Arunima Sarkar TBD MS Ongoing
Mansi Kakkar TBD MS Ongoing
Vishnu Nair TBD MS Ongoing
Arihant Jain TBD MS Ongoing
Mohammad Al Fahim TBD MS Ongoing
Abdul Wahid TBD MS Ongoing
Akash Sharma TBD MS Ongoing
Matcha Naga Gayathri TBD MS Ongoing
Snehasree Cumsali TBD MS Ongoing
Jannie Sanjana TBD MS Ongoing
Sricharan Vijayarangan TBD MS Ongoing
Shubham Sharma TBD MS Ongoing
Antony Raj TBD MS Ongoing
Nivash Kumar TBD MS Ongoing