Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Madras
Research Guidance

Ph.D Guidance
Students NameTitle of the ThesisYear of Completion
Chandan KumarCircuit Topologies and Control Algorithms for Enhanced Operation of DSTATCOM2014
Siva Kumar GanjikuntaMitigation of Voltage Sags with Phase-Jumps using Custom Power Devices 2012
Srinivas Bhaskar KarankiTopologies and Design of State Feedback Controller for Custom Power Devices in Power Distribution Systems 2012
S. SasitharanTopologies, Analysis and Design of Series Compensators in Power Distribution System2010
Koteswara UControl Strategies for Load Compensation using DSTATCOM in Power Distribution Systems2010
G. VincentHigh Power Voltage Source Inverter Topologies and Current Control Strategies for DSTATCOM Applications 2008
K. KaathikeyanLoad Compensation using DSTATCOM in Power Distribution Systems2007

MS (by research) Guidance
Students NameTitle of the ThesisYear of Completion
Suma J.Voltage Sag Characterization and Compensation in Power Distribution System2014
K. SridharSwitching Control Algorithms for DVR to Mitigate Voltage Sags/Swells 2012
Anil kumar RamakuruCompensation of Voltage Sags with Phase-Jumps through Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Minimum VA Rating 2012
N. KarthikeyanLoad Compensation using UPSC in Power Distribution Systems2012
Jaganath K.Current Controller and Capacitor Voltage Balancing in Neutral Point Clamped Inverters for DSTATCOM Applications2011
P. Harsha VardhanaRobust Controller Design for DSTATCOM in Power Distribution Systems 2010
S. SrikanthanCurrent Controller Techniques for DSTATCOM in Power Distribution Systems2009
Linash P.KActive power filter for harmonic Elemination and power factor correction in power distribution systems2006

Current PhD and MS Students
Students NameTitle of the ThesisDegreeExpected year of Graduation
Nagesh GeddadaLCL Filter for DSTATCOM with dq0 Current Controller using PI and HC Regulators.Ph.D2014
K. Sathish KumarNovel Control Strategies for PV and HESS in DC Microgrid. Ph.D2014
Sijo Augustine> Load Sharing Control and Circulating Current Minimization in DC Microgrid. Ph.D2015
Narsa Reddy Control Schemes and Topologies for Microgrid System. Ph.D2015
Jakeer Hussain Coordinated Control of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid System.Ph.D2016
Manoj Kumar M.VDifferent Topologies and Control Strategies of Parallel Inverters. Ph.D2015
T. Sreekanth DC-DC Converter for a Microgrid System.Ph.D2016
Srikanth Kotra Efficient Control Strategies of Microgrid With Inverters.M.S2015
Nikil Reactive Power Control of Grid Connected Multiple Storage Units.M.S2015