Department of Electrical Engineering,
IIT Madras

Research Sponsored/Consultancy Projects carried out As Principal Investigator

  1. Development of high power step converter for Electric Vehicles, Defence Research and Development Organization(2016-2018).
  2. Development of high voltage programmable power supply from -5 KV to 5 KV from input 24 V,Vikram Sarabhai Space center,Trivandrum(2015-2018).
  3. Development of Power Electronic Interface unit for low power and high power loads fed from Solar PV,Innovative Project Sponsored by Institute(2014-2015).
  4. Formation of PV based DC grid and its interaction with AC grid,Renault Nissan(2012-2014).
  5. Design and Development of 2 kW Battery Discharge Regulator,Indian Space Research Organization(2011-2014).
  6. Development of high efficiency and high power density standalone/solar power processing system,Institute Sponsored Project((2009-2012).

Research Sponsored/Consultancy Projects carried out As Co-Investigator

  1. Center of power for Excellence for Control and co-ordination of microgrid system with multiple renewable energy resources and storage system,DST(2015-2018).
  2. Center of power for Excellence for Decentralized Power System,MHRD(2013-2018).
  3. Decentralized solar PVpower for commercial buildings,Indo-USScience &Technology(2013-2018).
  4. Development of Solarpowered air conditioners and desert air-coolers,Dept.of Science and Technology(2013-2015).
  5. Validation of EMI/EMC studiesat the air funnel area of Chennai Airport,Chennai Metro Rail Limited(2012-2013).
  6. National Mission for Virtual Laboratories-ELE 2,Dept. Of Science and Technology(2010-2013).