Current Students Past Students

Current Students

Abhijeet Kumar Ph.D.
Aman Kumar MS
Nithya K Ph.D.
Kartik Hegde MS
Ashish Kumar Ph.D.
Nisha Varghese Ph.D.
Kranthi Kumar Rachavarapu Multi-modal Computer Vision, Audio-Visual Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Ph.D.
Aakanksha Ph.D.

Past Students

Snehal Singh Tomar MS
Praveen Kandula Ph.D.
Maitreya Suin Deep Learning in Vision, Vision and Language, Reinforcement Learning Ph.D.
Saurabh Goswami MS
Mahesh Mohan Deep Learning in Computer Vision Ph.D.
Kuldeep Purohit
Post doc,
Michigan State University
Image Splicing, Scene Inference, Underwater Imaging, Image Restoration, Deep learning PhD.
Priyatham Kattakinda
PhD, University of Maryland
Project: Unpaired Image Denoising M.Tech.
(Graduated 2020)
Manish Reddy Adala
Data Scientist, Walmart
Project: Single Image Deblurring, Visual Grounding B.Tech/M.Tech.
(Graduated 2020)
Nimisha T M
Algorithm Development Engineer,
KLA-Tencor, Chennai
Motion deblurring, Super-resolution, Deep learning Ph.D.
Subeesh Vasu
Post doc,
EPFL, Switzerland
Image Restoration, Scene Inference, Underwater Imaging, Rolling Shutter Cameras, Deep learning Ph.D.
Srimanta Mandal
Assistant Professor,
Image super-resolution, denoising, dehazing, depth estimation Post doc.
Anshul Shah
PhD, University of Maryland
Project: Livening up and Segmentation with Blur B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2018)
Sunil Kumar
Software Engineer, Veritas Technologies LLC
Project: Single Image Deblurring of underwater and surface scenes M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2018)
Vijay Rengarajan
Post doc,
Image Science Lab,
Carnegie Mellon University
Rolling Shutter Cameras, Motion Blur, Compressed Sensing Ph.D.
(Graduated November 2017)
Abhijith Punnappurath
Post doc,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
York University.
Face Recognition, super-resolution, dynamic object segmentation Ph.D.
(Graduated September 2017)
Karthik Seemakurthy
Research scientist, TCS innovation labs
Underwater Imaging Ph.D.
(Graduated July 2017)
Arun M
Motion Deblurring, HDR Imaging M.S. (by Research)
(Graduated June 2017)
Abhijeet Shenoi
MS, Stanford University
Gait recognition, Motion deblurring B.Tech.
(Graduated May 2017)
Venkatesh Malgireddy
Software Engineer, PayPal
Motion deblurring, Deep learning B.Tech.
(Graduated May 2017)
Akash Kumar Singh
Risk Analyst, PayPal
Motion deblurring, Deep learning B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2017)
Green Rosh K S>
Senior Software Engineer, Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore
Fish-eye Distortion Correction, MEG data analysis B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2017)
Purna Chandra Rao M Image Splicing/Forgery Detection using Motion Blur, PSF Comparisons Ph.D.
(Graduated July 2016)
Sheetal B Gupta
Algorithm Developer, KLA-Tencor
SEM imaging, Change Detection, Denoising M.S. (by Research)
(Graduated July 2016)
Rupaditya Kammula Computer Vision for Driver Assistance B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2016)
Rajeev Yasarla Computer Vision for Driver Assistance B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2016)
Yogesh B
PhD, University of Maryland
Deep Learning in Computer Vision B.Tech.
(Graduated May 2016)
Nattha Raj Kumar
Project: Low-light Auto-focus Enhancement in Mobile Phone Cameras B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2015)
Arun Asokan Nair
PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Project: Change Detection in the Presence of Motion Blur in 3D Scenes B.Tech./M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2015)
Sahana M. Prabhu
Data Scientist, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions
Areas of work: Image and Video Matting, Noise Removal, Super-resolution, Realistic Compositing

Thesis: Image and Video Matting: Restoration and Scene Inference
(Graduated July 2014)
Vishwanath Saragadam
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
Project: Analyzing Motion Sensors on Mobile Platform for Image Restoration B.Tech.
(Graduated May 2014)
Swarun Krishna
Software Engineer, Facebook
Project: Automation of Change Detection in Engineering Drawings B.Tech/M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2014)
V. Thangamani
Y Media Labs, Bengaluru
Areas of work: Image Dehazing, Depth Estimation, Image Segmentation, Planar Homography

Thesis: Restoration of Foggy and Motion-blurred Images of Road Scenes
M.S. (by Research)
(Graduated August 2013)
C. Paramanand
Post doc,
Computer Vision Group,
Universit├Ąt Bern
Areas of work: Image transformation, structure and depth from motion blur, Geometric matching of images

M.S. Thesis: Model-based Image Recognition with Line Segments and Arcs

Ph.D. Thesis: Scene Inference through Camera Blur
(July 2013)
Pratyush Sahay
Harman India, Pune
Areas of work: 3D Reconstruction techniques, Geometry in Computer Vision, Geometric and Photometric Inpainting

Thesis: Geometric and Photometric Reconstruction of Large Damaged Regions in 3D Models of Archaeological Structures
M.S. (by Research)
(Graduated June 2013)
Aneesh Deshmukh
Samsung, Bengaluru
Project: Geometry and Lighting from a Single Image of an Indoor Environment M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2013)
Renuka Natesh
Goldman Sachs, Bengaluru
Project: Automation of Change Detection in Engineering Drawings M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2013)
C.S. Vijay
Samsung, Bangalore
Thesis: High Dynamic Range Imaging under Non-uniform Blurring M.S.
(Graduated March 2013)
Ahmed Fuzail Khan
Brocade Communication Systems
Project: Finding Ccorrect Ultrasound Scan for Calculation of NT (Nuchal Translucency) Thickness M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2012)
Mandar Kulkarni
Research Engineer, Philips Research, Bangalore
Areas of work at IITM: Foreground extraction, Multiple person/Object tracking and Depth map inpainting

Thesis: Tensor Voting for some Computer Vision Problems
(Graduated Feb 2012)
Arnav V Bhavsar
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
Areas of work at IITM: Multi-view stereo, Shape from focus/defocus, Low-level vision with range-images, super-resolution, inpainting, Markov random fields and MRF optimization

Thesis: Investigations into Scene Recovery for Optical and Range Cameras
(Aug 2011)
Vineet Agrawal
Developer at Bosch for Instrument Clusters
Areas of work at IITM: Real-time Multiple Human/Object Tracking Tracking, Gaze Tracking, 3-D Geometry, Range Scanning Project Associate
(July 2010 - June 2011)
K. Ramnath Thesis: Non-equifocal, Discontinuity-preserving and Parallelizable Methodology for Extraction of 3D Structure from Optically Defocused Images M.S.
(Graduated July 2010)
Rajiv R. Sahay
Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, India
Thesis: Shape-From-Focus: Some New Extensions Ph.D.
(May 2009)
G.R.K. Sai Subrahmanyam
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Trivandrum, India
Thesis: Recursive Image Estimation and Inpainting in Noise using Non-Gaussian MRF Prior Ph.D.
(Jan 2008)
K.V. Suresh
Professor and HOD, Dept. of ECE, SIT, Tumkur, India
Thesis: MRF-based Discontinuity Adaptive Robust Motion Super-resolution Ph.D.
(July 2007)
K.S. Pradeep
Software Engineer, Cognex Corp.
Thesis: An Improved Shape from Focus Algorithm using Defocus Information M.S.
(Graduated May 2006)
Mahesh Kumar Gellaboina
Lead Research Engineer, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bangalore, India
Project: Video analytics for traffic monitoring, license plate detection and super-resolution M.Tech.
(Graduated May 2006)
S. Ibrahim Sadhar
Principal Specialist at GES Infotek
Thesis: Some New Approaches for Image Restoration And Blur Identification Using Particle Filter Ph.D.
(Sep 2005)
K. Srinivasa Rao Thesis: A Probabilistic Fusion Methodology for Face Recognition M.S.
(Graduated Jan 2005)