Manivasakan R

Associate Professor

EE Computer Networks

ME Communication Systems

AMIE Electronics and Communications

044-2257 4430

R. No: 336A, 2nd floor, ESB, IITM

  • Optical and Wireless Simulation and Modelling Lab

  • Performance of 5G Wireless Communication Networks

  • 5G IAB Networks
  • NOMA 5G Systems
  • Fog computing
  • Cellular and Wifi Systems Performance
  • V2X comminications
  • Communication & Sensing
  • Non-Terrestrial - HAPs & Satellite Communications
  • Single Photon Sources

  • Single Photon Source Structures and its Performance Analysis
  • Optical Communication Link Modelling and Analysis

  • Performance bounds on repeater / regenerator.
  • All-Optical Clock Recovery and All-Optical 3R Regeneration.
  • Performance of Communication Networks

  • Service Model for TDM over PSN.
  • Correlated Queues.

    Current Courses

  • UG Core Courses

  • EE2016 Microprocessor Theory & Lab.
  • EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers
  • PG Level Courses

  • EE5504 Fiber Optic Communication Systems (FOCT).

    Previous Courses

  • UG Core Courses

  • EE1100 Basic Electrical Engineering.
  • EE2001 Digital Systems.
  • EE2016 Microprocessor Theory & Lab.
  • EE3110 Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers
  • EE3005 Communication Systems.
  • EE4190 Digital Communications.
  • PG Level Courses

  • EE5504 Fiber Optic Communication Systems (FOCT).
  • EE5153 Foundations of Optical Networking.
  • EE6420 Optical Communication Networks
  • EE5151 Communication Techniques.
  • EE5150 Communication networks.
  • EE5500 Introduction to Photonics.


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  • Bhosle Sarojkumar, R Manivasakan Analysis of Discrete Pareto (DP)/Geo/1 Queue, 2018 Submitted.
  • S Usha Rani and R Manivasakan Jitter Buffer Modelling and Analysis for TDM over PSN Procedia Computer Science, vol 62, pp 186-195, Sep 2015.
  • Madhu Babu Sikha, R Manivasakan On the rate-jitter performance of jitter- buffer in TDMoPSN: Study using queueing models with a state- dependent service. Photonic Network Communications, Springer, Vol 30, No 1, pp 108-130, August 2015.
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  • Srikanth K Iyer, D Manjunath and R Manivasakan Bivariate Exponential Distributions using Linear Structures, Sankhya, 2001.
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Conference Proceedings

  • Sandeep K Singh, R Manivasakan, Traffic Adaptive Reconfiguration in Virtual Optical Bus Networks IEEE ANTS (International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems ) Conf November 2016.
  • Aditya K Arya, R Manivasakan, A compact and high-speed plasmonic slot waveguide coupled with photonic waveguide based 2x2 electro-optic switch, March 2016.
  • Aditya K Arya, Manivasakan R, Analysis of an electro-optic plasmonic racetrack ring resonator based switch made of DLSPP waveguides, Inter- national Conference on Optics and Photonics, 2015.
  • S Usha Rani and R Manivasakan Jitter Buffer Modelling and Analysis for TDM over PSN Intl Conf on Soft Computing and Software Engg (SCSE), USA , Mar 2015.
  • Sandeep Kumar Singh, R Manivasakan, Performance Analysis of Virtual Optical Bus Networks NCC 2015.
  • Madhu Babu Sikha, Manivasakan R, A Two-Queue Finite-Buffer Polling Model with Limited Service and State-Dependent Service Times In Proc, IEEE Inter- national Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies (CONECCT), IISc Bangalore, January 2014.
  • P Gurusanthosh, A Rostami, R Manivasakan, A Wolisz, SDMA: A Semi-Distributed Mobility Anchoring in LTE Networks International Con- ference on Selected Topics in Mobile & Wireless Networks, 2013.
  • Madhu Babu Sikha, Manivasakan R Novel Rate-Jitter Control Algo- rithms: Modeling and Analysis In Proc, CTRQ 2013 : The Sixth International Conference on Communication Theory, Reliability, and Quality of Service, Venice, Italy, April 2013.
  • Madhu B Sikha, R Manivasakan Novel rate-jitter control algorithms for TDMoIP Feb 2013, National Conference on Communications (NCC) 2013.
  • S Usha Rani, R Manivasakan,On the Departure Process of Jitter Buffer in TDMoIP, Proc National Conference on communications (NCC), IIT Kharagpur, Feb 2012.
  • S Usharani, Manivasakan R, Correlated M/G/1 queue modelling of jitter buffer in TDMoIP, Adv Intl Conf on Telecomm (AICT), Germany, May 2012.
  • S Jagadish and Manivasakan R, Analysis of jitter control algorithms in QoS networks, Nov 2011.

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  • In Charge of

    Optical and Wireless Simulation and Modelling Lab

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  • Niyas Haneefa
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