Krishna Vasudevan


PhD  in Electrical Engineering, 1996, IITM

ME  in Electrical Engineering 1991, IISc, Bangalore

BTech  in Electrical Engineering 1989, IITM

044-2257 4428

  • My Academic background BTech in Electrical Engineering 1989, IITM,M.E in Electrical Engineering 1991, IISc, Bangalore ,PhD in Electrical Engineering, 1996, IITM.Other positions I have held are Senior Engineer, Kirloskar Electric Company, Mysore, 1991 - 1992 and Senior Engineer, Lucas TVS, Chennai, 1996 - 1998

  • Power Conversion and control for renewable energy.
  • Motor drives.
  • Low speed Motor Control.
  • Grid interface for Low voltage renewable energy sources.
  • CSI based grid interface for PV systems.
  • Subsea Motor Drives.
  • Development of Solid State Amplidyne.

    Current Courses

  • Electrical Machines - A first level course on Machines and Transformers.
  • Power Electronics - A first level course in the field of Power Electronics.
  • Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines - A Graduate level course that deals with dynamic models for machines.
  • Power Electronic Control of Electric Machines - A Graduate level course on motor control.
  • Digital Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits and Systems - A Graduate level course on the mathematics of power electronic circuit/motor drive simulation.
  • Networks and Systems - A first level course on various network analysis and signal transform methods.
  • Control Systems - A first level course on Control Systems.
  • Advanced Motor Control - A graduate advanced course on motor control.
  • NPTEL features the web based machines course co-authored with Prof Sridhara Rao and Prof Sasidhara Rao of IITM.
  • A video course on Modelling and Analysis of Electrical Machines is also available on NPTEL.

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  • D Sivadas and K Vasudevan, An Active Islanding Detection Strategy With Zero Nondetection Zone for Operation in Single and Multiple Inverter Mode Using GPS Synchronized Pattern, in IEEE Trans on Ind El vol 67, no 7, pp 5554-5564, July 2020.
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  • Current industrial projects are in the areas of:
  • PMSM control at low speeds aimed at exploring development sensorless approaches.
  • Robust Power Converters focussing on studying the impact of power quality disturbances on front end of drives.
  • Precision Motor Control under AMTDC.
  • Islanded Grid Operation for solar PV under the IGCS Programme.

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