Arun D. Mahindrakar


Ph.D    in systems and Control Engineering, IIT Bombay

044-2257 4445

  • I am a faculty member in the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras since 2006. I work in the area of control systems with specialization in nonlinear control. I work on several applications such as robotic control, biological models, power electronics etc. Prior to joining IITM, I did my Ph.D in systems and Control Engineering, IIT Bombay under the supervision of Prof. Ravi N Banavar. I obtained my masters in control systems from VJTI, Mumbai in 1997 under the supervision of Dr. N. M. Singh and the undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics from Karnatak University, Dharwad in 1994.
  • In recent years I have been working on formation control of multi-agent systems and event-trigerred control. Some of the robots built by my former student M. Vijay (Assistant Professor, IIT Palakkad) are still in use and they have formed the workhorse for validating our control strategies
  • I am looking for MS/Ph.D students who have an aptitude to take-up challenging mathematical control problems and complement theory with experimental work. Test/interviews for MS/Ph.D applicants are conducted twice in a year and the details can be obtained from the Electrical Engg. website.

  • Nonlinear stability.
  • Geometric control Multi-agent.
  • Robotic network.
  • Distributed optimization

    Current Courses

  • Nonsmooth Analysis in Control and Optimization.
  • Math Methods in Systems Engineering.
  • Optimal Control.
  • Control Engineering.


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  • Sreeshma Markkassery, Akshit Saradagi, Arun D Mahindrakar, Ramkrishna Pasumarthy and Lakshminarasamma N, Modelling, Design and Control of Non-isolated Single-input Multi-output Zeta-Buck-Boost Converter, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol 56, No 4, pp 3904-3918, 2020.
  • Mundla Narasimhappa, Arun D Mahindrakar, Vitor Campagnolo Guizilini, Marco Henrique Terra, and Samrat L Sabat,MEMS Based IMU Drift Minimization: Sage Husa Adaptive Robust Kalman Filtering, IEEE Sensors Journal,Vol 20, No 1, pp 250-260, Jan 2020.
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  • Akshit Saradagi, Vijay M, Vishaal Krishnan, Sandeep Menta and Arun D Mahindrakar, Formation control and trajectory tracking of mobile inverted pendulum robots, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol 26, No 06, pp 2250-2258, Nov 2018.
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  • Sai Pushpak N, Anup Ekbote and Arun D Mahindrakar, Semistability analysis of the Chaplygin sleigh and the nonsmooth mechanical oscillator, ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control Vol 136, No 3, May 2014.

Conference Proceedings

  • Akshit Saradagi, Arun D Mahindrakar and Pavan Tallapragada, Event-triggered Stabilization of Nonlinear systems with Center Manifolds, to appear in the proceedings of the CDC 2020, South Korea.
  • Rejitha R, Arun D Mahindrakar and Umesh Vaidya, Non-smooth Projected Primal-Dual Dynamical Approach to Solve the Extended Fermat-Torricelli Problem, to appear in the proceedings of the CDC 2020, South Korea.
  • Omkar Vanjpe, Mundla Narasimhappa and Arun D Mahindrakar, Global attitude estimation and dead reckoning of a mobile spherical robot using extended Kalman filter, in the proceedings of the 4th International Conference of the Robotics Society on Advances in Robotics, IIT Madras, India, July 2-6, 2019.
  • M V Surya Prakash, Arun D Mahindrakar,Ramkrishna Pasumarthy, Computation of outer approximation to reachable set for cooperative systems: Application to an epidemic spreading model , in the proceedings of the 27th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Akko, Israel, July 1-4, 2019.
  • Akshit Saradagi, Arun D Mahindrakar and Shravan Mohan, Optimization of absolute and relative thresholding parameters in event- triggered control, in the proceedings of the 17th European Control Conference, Naples, Italy, June 25-28, 2019.

Books Authored

  • Abraham P Vinod and Arun D Mahindrakar, "Deterministic Attitude Estimation", Chapter 13 of the book Multisensor Attitude Estimation: Fundamental Concepts and Applications, Edited by Fourati Hassen and Belkhiat Djamel Eddine Chouaib CRC Press 2016, Print ISBN: 978-1-4987-4571-0, eBook ISBN: 978-1-4987-4580-2.

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