Cyber Attack Detection and Mitigation for Load Frequency Control in Smart Grids

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Speaker: Ms. Amulya (EE17D003) Guide: Dr. K.S Swarup Abstract Considering the importance of Cyber security studies on grid control systems, a Cyber-Security Vulnerability Analysis of multi-area load frequency control (MA-LFC) to cyber-attacks and a single-variate spectral analysis-based real-time detection technique was presented in Seminar Talk-I. In this talk, we present a multi-level attack detection and a real-time mitigation/response methodology. The proposed detection technique is a combination of spectral analysis and hypothesis testing for the early detection of attacks. The proposed detection method is i) fast, ii) adaptive to system changes, and is iii) scalable. The proposed work is illustrated for three different systems namely, i) 39 bus New-England test system, ii) IEEE 300-bus system, and iii) 1888 France RTE system to illustrate its effectiveness and scalability. Once the attacks are detected, it is important to devise effective response strategies to mitigate the impact of the attacks for stable system operation. In this talk, we present the gaps in attack response studies and define a methodology for real-time attack mitigation or response.