Digital Predistortion for mm-Wave MIMO Phased Arrays

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Name of the Speaker: Ms. B Varsha (EE18S071)
Name of the Guide: Dr. Nitin Chandrachoodan
Link: ESB 210B (Conference Hall)
Date/Time: 4th November 2022, 3.00 PM to 4:00 PM

It is anticipated that a hundredfold increase in data rate is required to satisfy the demands of next-gen mobile networks. One method that will aid in increasing the capacity is increasing the bandwidth. Frequencies between 30 - 300 GHz, known as the Millimeter-wave frequencies, offer several hundreds of MHz bandwidths. However, the migration to mm-wave frequencies affects the power at the receiver and thereby limits the coverage area of the base stations. Thus, the streamlined and effective power amplification is the key to achieving cost-effective and definitive beamforming.

In this work, we consider the application of digital predistortion for MIMO mm-wave RF beamforming-based subarrays. We propose a single-input single-output (SISO) DPD model as a linearization technique to mitigate the nonlinear behaviour exhibited by the power amplifiers in mm-wave phased arrays. This model incorporates mutual coupling between the antenna elements. This particular SISO-based model is obtained by transforming a dual-input-based model that accounts for the load-impedance mismatch between the antenna elements. Our proposed SISO-based DPD model can be considered a possible replacement for complex dual-input-based modelling approaches.