Interference-Aware Receiver for Reuse-1 OFDMA system in the sub-1 GHz band.

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Name of the Speaker: Abhay Mohan M V (EE17D024)
Guide: Dr. Giridhar k
Venue/Online meeting link: CSD 308
Date/Time: 5th september, 3.00p.m

Reusing the same spectrum in every cell is a common feature of 4G and 5G systems. Such systems are plagued by co-channel interference (CCI), especially for sub-1 GHz frequency band deployments, which have low path loss and hence high coverage. The carrier frequency generated by each transmitting tower will have slight variations primarily due to local oscillator deviations, leading to distinct carrier frequency offsets (CFOs) for the desired signal and the interfering signals. For an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) based system, CFO causes inter-carrier interference (ICI) to be generated during the demodulation process. Management of CCI and ICI are critical to accurately recovering the desired signal. In this work, we propose an advanced receiver consisting of a spectrally efficient joint channel estimator, a computationally simple time-domain ICI compensation algorithm, and a CFO-corrected joint detector to recover the desired information from the received signal. It is shown that the proposed methods enable accurate signal recovery even in severe CCI environments which are possible in reuse-1 UHF band cellular deployments.