Fault diagnosis and mutual coupling quantification in a phased array antenna.

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Name of the Speaker: Prajosh K P (EE17D044)
Guide: Dr. Uday Khankhoje
Venue/Online meeting link: CSD 308
Date/Time: September 2nd, 2022 at 11.00 AM

Faulty elements in a phased array antenna lead to the undesired radiation pattern and substandard system performance. Therefore, fault diagnosis in a phased array is an inevitable task to ensure the proper functioning of a communication system. A compressive sensing-based inverse problem is formulated to recover the sparse solutions and locate the faulty elements from the minimum number of far-field measurements. We propose a diagnosis method from fixed probe measurements and varying excitations. The non-convex lp norm (0 < p <1) minimization problem is solved using the IRL1-ADMM algorithm. Further reduction in the number of measurements is guaranteed by optimizing the excitations to minimize the mutual coherence of the system measurement matrix.