Investigation on electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy micro-nanocomposites and their ageing performance for po

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Name of the Speaker: Myneni Sukesh Babu (EE18D003)
Guide: Prof. R. Sarathi
Venue/Online meeting link:
Date/Time: 01-08-2022 09:00AM

Epoxy micro-nanocomposites are gaining importance to be used as potential insulation structures in power apparatus. Methodical experimental studies were carried out for investigating the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy micro-composites as well as epoxy micro-nanocomposites. In real-time, these insulation structures are operated under harsh environmental conditions. Hence, the impact of various ageing conditions such as gamma irradiation, water ageing, ultraviolet irradiation and corona ageing on space charge as well as thermo-mechanical properties of epoxy micro-nanocomposites were studied in detail. The aged epoxy micro-nanocomposites were classified by employing principal component analysis and artificial neural network analysis to laser induced breakdown spectroscopy data.