Minimum Candidate Selection Algorithm for Hybrid IP/SDN Networks with Single Link Failures

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Name of the Speaker: Navya Vuppalapati (EE17D056)
Name of the Guide: Dr. Venkatesh T.G
Date/Time: JULY 27th, 2022, 11 am to 12 pm

Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides a means to sunder the control and the data planes of traditional IP network devices. Further, it accommodates a centralized control logic that facilitates real-time configurable network devices, and addresses network resilience, traffic management, and access control. Therefore, many organisations are upgrading their networks with SDN switches. However, such a procedure incurs huge upgrading cost and is impractical to upgrade all IP routers to SDN switches at once. Thus, a feasible solution is to upgrade only a few of the IP routers with SDN switches. This kind of network consisting of both IP routers and SDN switches is referred to as a hybrid IP/SDN network. The IP routers which are replaced by SDN switches are called as candidate switches. The goal of our work is to propose a Candidate Selection Algorithm (CSA) that minimises the number of candidate switches while covering all Single Link Failures (SLFs) in the network.

In this talk, we present an algorithm called Minimum Candidates Selection (MCS) that considers all possible shortest paths between all pairs of nodes in the network to minimize the number of SDN candidates needed to protect all SLFs. We discuss the performance of the MCS scheme in terms of Average Repair Path Length (ARPL) and Average Maximum Link Utilisation (AMLU). The proposed MCS algorithm has been implemented on various real world as well as random network topologies to evaluate its performance and to compare it with the existing algorithms.