Minimum Candidate Selection Algorithm for Hybrid IP/SDN Networks with Single Link Failures

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Name of the Speaker: Navya Vuppalapati (EE17D056)
Guide: Dr. Venkatesh T.G
Venue/Online meeting link:
Date/Time: JULY 27th, 2022, 11 am to 12 pm

Software Defined Networking (SDN) provides a means to sunder the control and the data planes of traditional IP network devices. Further, it accommodates a centralized control logic that facilitates real-time configurable network devices, and addresses network resilience, traffic management, and access control. Therefore, many organisations are upgrading their networks with SDN switches. However, such a procedure incurs huge upgrading cost and is impractical to upgrade all IP routers to SDN switches at once. Thus, a feasible solution is to upgrade only a few of the IP routers with SDN switches. This kind of network consisting of both IP routers and SDN switches is referred to as a hybrid IP/SDN network. The IP routers which are replaced by SDN switches are called as candidate switches. The goal of our work is to propose a Candidate Selection Algorithm (CSA) that minimises the number of candidate switches while covering all Single Link Failures (SLFs) in the network.