Investigation of Coherent Beam Combination Techniques for Enhanced Combination Efficiency and Scalability

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Name of the Speaker: Sooraj M S (EE17D055)
Guide: Dr. Balaji Srinivasan
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The idea of combining a large number of laser beams to generate a single high power laser beam opens up a wide range of high power laser applications in different areas including medical, defense and space exploration. Fiber lasers have unique advantages compared to other types of laser systems including efficient electrical to optical conversion, excellent beam quality due to single transverse mode of operation and the option for power scaling through master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) schemes. Beyond kiloWatt power level, an attractive option for power scaling is beam combination of multiple fiber amplifiers. There are different approaches in beam combining such as spectral beam combining, coherent beam combining and polarization beam combining. Of these, coherent beam combining (CBC) offers much promise for scaling to more than 100 beams. CBC may be achieved using tiled aperture configuration or filled aperture configuration.