Distributed Energy Management using Consensus Algorithms

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PhD SEMINAR TALK – II Title: Distributed Energy Management using Consensus Algorithms Date: 14.02.2022 Time: 2:30 P.M Venue: Google meet Google Meet Link : Speaker: Ms. Naina P M (EE15D024) Guide: Dr. K.S Swarup Abstract The presence and penetration of distributed generators (DGs), transforms the power system grid into a decentralized network. The Energy Management Operations, which employ conventional centralized algorithms may not be suitable, effective and accurate in the presence of DGs. The distributed economic dispatch operation using the leader-follower consensus algorithm was presented in Seminar talk I. In Seminar talk II, we present distributed energy management of virtual power plants (VPP) using two different consensus-based algorithms. The ‘proportional consensus algorithm’ uses a consensus gain function which is a function of the number of iterations and the maximum delay applied. In contrast, proportional integral consensus uses an additional integral term to reduce the effect of noise and communication delay. The effectiveness of the proposed work is illustrated in three different systems i.) five bus microgrid, ii.) 15 node VPP, and iii.) IEEE 39 bus system. This approach helps to avoid the VPP coordinator, thereby preserving the privacy of the VPP participants.