Parameter Extraction for GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors.

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Name of the Speaker: Mr. Pratik Ganguly (EE20S062)
Guide: Prof. Amitava Das Gupta
Co-Guide: Prof. Anjan Chakravorty
Venue/Online meeting link:
Date/Time: April 14th 2023 (Friday), 4:00 PM

The superior properties of GaN made the high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) technology increasingly attractive for a variety of high-frequency and high-power applications. In the last few decades, the technology of GaN HEMT devices is well established and there are some industry standard physics-based compact models. A good compact model is essentially useless unless their model parameters can be reliably determined. The major challenge of parameter extraction is to come up with a strategy by which we can extract all the parameters accurately with a minimum set of measurements.

In this talk, first, we shall discuss a methodology that is easily automated to extract the complete set of DC parameters for a well-established GaN HEMT model. The second part will discuss a parameter extraction scheme corresponding to a small signal equivalent circuit model of GaN HEMT. This method involves s-parameters measurements for three HEMT test structures with different widths. The extraction scheme includes a complete parameter set for parasitic as well as intrinsic fringing elements.