Miniaturised Tunable Optical Gratings in Elastomers and SOI MEMS: Design and Development

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Name of the Speaker: Manu balakrishnan (EE12D005)
Guide: Dr. Shanti Bhattacharya
Co-GuideDr. Enakshi Bhattacharya
Venue/Online meeting link: CSD 308
Date/Time: 9th March 2023, 9.30 am

This thesis explores the design and fabrication of miniaturized tunable optical gratings. Two approaches are explored, the first being a period-tunable optical grating in the visible range. The grating device is designed to work in the transmission mode, and is fabricated using stretchable soft material. The device consists of a prestretched elastomer membrane with printed electrodes on either side of the membrane and sinusoidal grating profile on one side. The central region which is transparent is used as the optical element. The design and fabrication protocol of the device is discussed. The electrical characterization of the fabricated device gives a grating period tunability of 34.4% on DC electrical actuation of 5.5 kV.