Smart Grid Test Bed - Distribution System Modeling

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Name of the Speaker: Dr. Ramu Ranathan, President of Maxisys Inc
Guide: Dr. K.Shanti Swarup
Venue/Online meeting link: ESB-244 (Seminar Hall)
Date/Time: 30th January 2023 (Monday), 10:00 AM

A smart grid is an electricity network based on digital technology that is used to supply electricity to consumers via two-way digital communication, which allows for monitoring, analysis, control and communication to help improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and cost, and maximize the transparency and reliability of the energy supply chain. The smart grid was introduced with the aim of overcoming the weaknesses of conventional electrical grids by using smart net meters.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Ramu Ramanathan received the B.Tech from I.I.T., Madras, in 1977, the M.Sc.E. from University of New Brunswick, in 1979, and the Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 1982. His experience spans a wide variety of organizations including the private and government sector including a regulated and unregulated arena for utilities. He had senior executive positions at leading companies. He has started a new business line within the major corporation and successfully grown the business by more than 500%. He has turned around companies and also started new businesses by getting funding from investors. He is currently the president of Maxisys Inc. He was a member of the board of directors for TIE (Global International Entrepreneurs Organization). He has published more than 50 technical papers, and reports and offered IEEE tutorials on optimization techniques.