Normal form analysis in the presence of Power System Stabilizer, Static VAr Compensator and Static Synchronous Compensator

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Name of the Speaker: Mr. T. Kalyan Ram (EE15D400)
Guide: Dr. S. Krishna
Venue/Online meeting link: ESB-350
Date/Time: 2nd January 2023 (Monday), 2:00 PM

Normal form analysis is used to assess the nonlinear behaviour; it can also be used for siting controllers. Normal form analysis is straight-forward for systems governed by explicit ordinary differential equations. The presence of Static VAr Compensator (SVC) or Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) results in the governing equations that are not in this form; we show that even these cases are amenable to normal form analysis. Normal form analysis can be used to find the locations of Power System Stabilizer (PSS), SVC and STATCOM that result in the best damping of rotor swings. In the methods available in the literature, analysis employing normal forms for selection of the best location of PSS depends on initial conditions of state variables. We employ indices that are independent of initial conditions for finding the locations of PSS, SVC and STATCOM. Case studies are conducted to analyze the effect of siting PSS, SVC and STATCOM on the damping of rotor swings; comparison of the performance of the method of normal forms with that of the linearization method to determine the location of damping controllers is presented.