Understanding the performance of bentonite and lime stabilised soil for grounding under lightning impulse voltage

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Name of the Speaker: Ms. Parvathy G (EE20S135)
Guide: Dr. Sarath.R
Venue/Online meeting link:
Date/Time: 21st December 2022 (Wednesday), 10.30 AM

Designing of proper grounding system is essential for ensuring the reliable and safe operation of power system equipment. The system's earth impedance ought to be as low as possible to safely protect the power system apparatus from the negative impacts of high currents due to faults and lightning. The behavior of grounding electrodes under lightning impulse voltages/currents is an important factor needs to be considered while designing lightning protection systems for power systems as well as buildings. In this talk, Impact of water, acid rain and bentonite on ionization characteristics of soil under lightning impulse voltage will be discussed besides the Impact of Lime Stabilization on Expansive Soil for Grounding.