Interference Management Schemes for Local Service Insertion in 5G Broadcast

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Name of the Speaker: Abhay Mohan M V (EE17D024)
Guide: Dr. Giridhar k
Venue/Online meeting link: CSD 308 (Conference Hall)
Date/Time: 15th December 2022 (Thursday), 3.00p.m

Broadcast systems typically use a network of synchronized towers that transmit the same content. Such single-frequency networks (SFNs) are ideal when the same content is to be delivered to the entire subscriber base. Newer standards like ATSC 3.0 and 5G NR support the delivery of regional content, such as targeted news and weather, through local service areas (LSAs). Using orthogonal frequency bands to broadcast this content leads to poor spectral efficiency. However, reusing the same frequency band to deliver distinct local content can lead to co-channel interference (CCI) at the boundaries between the LSAs. This interference can disrupt the broadcast signal and degrade the viewer experience. In this talk, we propose two approaches that can be used to manage the CCI in such reuse-1 deployments. The first approach scales the local content powers near the LSA boundary, while the second introduces a restricted orthogonality of local content at the boundary region. These schemes are compared in terms of SINR and spectral efficiency. Simulation results show that the proposed schemes improve the local content coverage area without compromising the spectral efficiency and the trade-offs involved in their selection.