Design and control of equal and unequal split dual 3-phase PMSM for improved performance in electric vehicles.

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Speaker: Mr. Sandeep V Nair Guide: Dr. Kamalesh Hatua ABSTRACT Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) are widely used in electric vehicles (EV) due to their superior performance than induction machines. However, the operating speed range of these machines is restricted due to the limitations in the maximum battery voltage available in the vehicle. In this work, a dual three-phase PMSM with zero degree winding displacement (DTP0-PMSM) with six-step operation is proposed to achieve double the power rating and enhanced operating speed range compared to conventional 3-phase PMSMs. Dual three-phase PMSM also ensures zero circulating current even during six-step operation, reducing the copper loss compared to commonly used split-phase PMSMs. Specific applications like military vehicles, medium/heavy-duty trucks and off-road EVs demand high starting torque, high overload capability and wide constant power operating region. A dual 3-phase PMSM with unequal turns ratio (uneq0-PMSM) is also proposed to satisfy such special requirements with minimal overrating of the converter DC bus. An added advantage of uneq0-PMSM is that the shape of torque-speed characteristics can be varied during the design by changing the winding split ratio such that it perfectly suits the load requirement. The proposed concepts were experimentally validated on a custom-designed and fabricated 3kW PMSM prototype.