Digital Watermarking Technology.

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Name of the Speaker: Dr. Ajith Kamath
Guide: Dr. Sankaran Aniruddhan
Venue/Online meeting link: ESB 234 (Malaviya Hall)
Date/Time: 6thDecember 2022, 3.00 PM

Digital watermarking technology is used for document security, ownership and copyright enforcement, product tracing and counterfeit deterrence, retail checkout and recycling. Usually a secret data carrying signal is embedded in a host, such as an image, video or audio such that it is imperceptible to a human, but can be recovered easily with a computer. Signal Rich Art is a recent advancement in the field, in which we embed the signal in visible artistic/texture patterns which are cognitively imperceptible.

This will be an interactive talk with a lot of pretty pictures. It is recommended that attendees download the free Digimarc Discover app, available for both Apple and Android devices from the respective app stores. The app will be able to decode the information from the images presented on the slides using the smartphone camera. Digimarc, a company based in Portland, Oregon, USA, is a world leader in applications and intellectual property of digital watermarking with over a thousand patents.

About the speaker:
Ajith Kamath is a graduate of IITM (BTech, EE, 2000) and NCSU (PhD, EE, 2005). He has worked in R&D at ArrayComm and is currently at Digimarc