Research Interests

I am experienced in compact modeling activities. In this regard I am involved in compact modeling of the following devices. Other than the compact modeling, I am also interested in the design aspects of the devices mentioned here.

  • Modeling of Thermal Effects in Semiconductor Devices and Thermally Aware Device Design
  • Bipolar Transistors: High-Speed SiGe-HBTs, Power HBTs in both Bulk and SOI processes
  • Laterally Double Diffused MOS Transistors: in Bulk and SOI processes
  • On-Chip Spiral Inductors

I am also interested in analytical modeling, computational modeling and design of various novel devices, such as

  • Double Gate MOSFETs
  • Silicon Nanowire FETs
  • Carbon Nanotube FETs

If someone is ineterested in pursuing a research carrer in modeling, design and characterization of semiconductor devices, apply to our MS or PhD programme."