Namaskaram! Welcome to the Telecom and Wireless Sensing (TelWiSe) Group!

I am with the Communication Section of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. My academic research interests include adaptive signal processing and parameter estimation and their application to wireless links -- including the design of waveforms, algorithms, and systems.

The TelWiSe research group led by me is currently working on four different themes:
(i) In the first theme, the emphasis is on non-orthogonal simultaneous spectrum sharing between different cellular operators, specifically using the sub-1 GHz spectrum. This new air-interface is called Broadband Access for Spotless Inland Coverage (BASIC) and uses a suite of advanced interference management techniques to provide reliable broadband access with minimum bitrate guarantees, even while ensuring >95% geographical coverage.

(ii) In the second theme, the research group works closely with several industries and research labs on designing custom cutting-edge air-interfaces for strategic use. These designs which address the client’s needs such as LPI, Anti-Jam, resilience to single point failure, and working with saturated receivers, etc, are verified by simulations and by proof-of-concept implementation on SDR based test-benches.

(iii) The third theme addresses advanced distributed radar signal processing. This effort is presently focussing on robust and highly accurate localisation of flying objects including low-flying drones and high-flying UAVs. Detecting LEO Satellites and communicating to them from such non-uniform non-planar arrays is another topic of interest.

(iv) The fourth theme is “the usual” wireless research activity, which potentially can feed into 5G+/6G technology and standards, including waveforms and algos for integrated sensing and comm, more efficient DMRS port-mapping for ORAN, low complexity predcoding for massive MU-MIMO, handling time-varying Doppler, interference-aware receiver algorithms, new approaches to index modulation, accurate localisation using broadcast waveforms, etc.

We really believe that this is an exciting time to be in signal processing R&D with the opportunity to create new systems and applications in both reliable communications and distributed radar systems. If you are interested to know more about our research, please write to me at