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VLSI Data Conversion Circuits, Aug-Dec 2006

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Instructor: Nagendra Krishnapura

Class room : ESB242.
Class hours : F Slot(Tue. 1200-1250, Wed. 1100-1150, Thu. 1000-1050, Thu. 0900-0950)
Office : ESB246B
Office hours : Tue. & Thu. 1600-1700
E-mail : nagendra AT
Phone : 4444
web page :


Knowledge of MOS transistor basics related to circuit design, small signal equivalent circuits, small and large signal analysis; Design of building blocks-opamps, bias generators, amplifier stages, basics of continuous-time and discrete-time signals

Course contents

This course deals with the system and transistor level design of Analog-to-Digital(A/D) and Digital-to-Analog(D/A) converters, two of the key blocks in present day mixed signal integrated circuits.


Text book

The course doesn't follow a single textbook. See the references page for relevant books and papers.