Dual Degree (BTech+MTech) Students

  1. Harikumar Krishnamurthy (Class of 2019; Approximate message passing)
  2. Parikshit Hegde (Class of 2019; Approximate message passing)
  3. Aditya Pradeep (Class of 2019; Estimation in Markov chains)
  4. Sravan Kumar Reddy Ankireddy (Class of 2019; Implementation of polar list decoding)
  5. Sukhdeep Singh Kahlon (Class of 2018; Estimation)
  6. Sourbh Bhadane (Class of 2017; Locally recoverable codes)
  7. Nikhilesh Rajaraman (Class of 2017; Missing mass estimation)
  8. Suhas Kowshik (Class of 2016; Quantized ISI channels)
  9. Sundararajan S (Class of 2016; Secure multiparty computation)
  10. Surajkumar Harikumar (Class of 2016; LDPC codes)
  11. Vignesh G (Class of 2013; Regenerating codes)
  12. Vinay Praneeth Boda (Class of 2011; LDPC codes)
  13. Aravind Mukundan (Class of 2010; Implementation of network coding)
  14. Navneet Sankara (Class of 2010; Network coding)
  15. Kedar Mavinkurve (Class of 2009; Stream ciphers)
  16. Abhay Subramanian (Class of 2008; Algebraic network coding)
  17. S. Gokul (Joint with B. Srikrishna) (Class of 2008; Burst erasure correcting using LDPC codes)
  18. Hari Siddarth (Joint with B. Srikrishna) (Class of 2008; LDPC codes for broadcast channels)
  19. Achaleshwar Sahai (Joint with B. Srikrishna) (Class of 2008; Tree shaping)
  20. Kashyap Arora (Class of 2007; Information theoretic approach for investment in financial markets)
  21. Harshit Tiwari (Class of 2006; RLL codes)
  22. Navneet Malani (Class of 2005; Rate-compatible LDPC codes)

MTech Students

  1. Asit Kumar Pradhan (Class of 2013; LDPC codes)
  2. Shilpa Gadiraju (Joint with Srikrishna Bhashyam)(Class of 2009; Dirty paper coding)
  3. Kiran Kumar Abburi (Joint with Nitin Chandrachoodan)(Class of 2009; LDPC codes in VLSI)
  4. Mudassir Kawoosa (Joint with Nitin Chandrachoodan)(Class of 2009; Turbo codes in VLSI)
  5. M. K. Dileep (Joint with Srikrishna Bhashyam)(Class of 2008; LDPC codes over OFDM)
  6. Durga Prasad Potnuru and Suresh Babu Kotha (Joint with Nitin Chandrachoodan) (Class of 2008; VLSI Implementation of RS codes)
  7. Mahajan Raj Ramchandra (Joint with Nitin Chandrachoodan) (Class of 2008; VLSI implementation of LDPC codes)
  8. Safitha J. Raj (Class of 2007; Subcodes of RS codes)
  9. Deepa George (joint with Nitin Chandrachoodan) (Class of 2007; FPGA Implementation of LDPC codes)
  10. P. Raghavender Reddy (Joint with B. Srikrishna) (Class of 2007; Burst erasure correction in OFDM systems)
  11. Ephrem Assefa (Joint with R. Aravind) (Class of 2006; Image watermarking)
  12. T. Sai Subramanyam and P. Navinnath (Class of 2006; Implementation of Wimax LDPC codes in a DSP)
  13. Fijo Therattil (Class of 2005; Modified RS codes)
  14. R. Vasanthakumar (Joint with Shanthi Pavan) (Class of 2005; LDPC decoding using analog circuitry)

BTech Students

  1. Shijin Krishnan R (Class of 2016; Secure multiparty communication)
  2. Manikandan Srinivasan (Class of 2015; LDPC codes)
  3. Jayanth Ramesh (Class of 2015; LDPC codes)
  4. Ashwin Pananjady (Class of 2014; Wireless and P2P communications)
  5. Vidya Muthukumar (Class of 2014; Stochastic decoding)
  6. Kiran Thekumparampil (Class of 2014; Online resource allocation)
  7. Vivek Bagaria (Class of 2014; Gilbert-Varshamov bound)
  8. Avinash Krishnakumar (Class of 2011; Network coding)
  9. Chinnadurai Sankar (Class of 2011; Regenerating codes)
  10. Raghav G (Class of 2011; NLHB protocol)
  11. Harish Reddy (Class of 2010; Generalized Hamming weights)
  12. Ananda Theertha Suresh (Class of 2010; Strong secrecy)
  13. Divya Gadde (Class of 2010; Network Coding)
  14. Dinesh Kumar K R (Class of 2009; Algebraic network coding)
  15. Naveen Reddy (Class of 2009; High Profile Distributions)
  16. Gowtham Kumar R (Class of 2008; Computing secrecy capacity)
  17. Sivatheja M (Class of 2008; Message-passing decoding)
  18. Nishant Neeraj (Class of 2007; Burst erasure correction using LDPC codes)
  19. Ashwin N (Class of 2007; Gilbert-Varshamov bound)
  20. Aravind R. Iyengar (Class of 2007; LDPC thresholds for OFDM transmission)
  21. Sundeep B (Class of 2006; Self-orthogonality of images of codes)
  22. Abishek Kumarasubramanian (Class of 2006; Burst erasure correction using LDPC codes)
  23. Hirakendu Das (Class of 2006; Minimum-weight codewords in cyclic codes)
  24. Vinay Tibrewal (Class of 2006; 2D constrained codes)
  25. Shivakumar Planjery (Class of 2005; Repeat-accumulate codes)