Research Interest:

MEMS processing and sensors: Surface and Bulk Micromachining, Test structures for parameter extraction and reliability, Measurement and modeling of stiction. Pressure sensors - piezoresistive and Knudsen force based.

Biosensors and MEMS: Electrolyte insulator semiconductor capacitor (EISCAP) to estimate Triglycerides and Urea concentrations using enzymatic hydrolysis. Complete system using miniaturized EISCAPs and readout circuit.

Micro/Nano cantilever based sensors.

Silicon nanoporous membranes for dialysis

Material and devices made of different forms of silicon - amorphous, porous, polycrystalline.


M.Sc. Projects: 3        B.Tech.Projects: 23      M.Tech. Projects: 17

M.S. guidance:

Completed 20

  1. T. Balaji Suresh, Fabrication of a-Si:H TFT, 1995.

  2. S. Sreeraman, Effect of hydrogen dilution on a-Si:H TFTs, 1998.

  3. RRK Reddy, Porous silicon as a sensor material - Jointly with A. Chadha, Chemistry Department, 1999.

  4. S.N. Begum, Extraction and optimization of BJT parameters - Jointly with Vinita Vasudevan, 2000.

  5. U. Venubabu, Development of silicon based surface micromachining and investigation of stiction - Jointly with K. N. Bhat, 2004.

  6. I. Basu, Solid state electrochemical biosensor - Jointly with Anju Chadha of Chemistry/Biotechnology Department, 2004.

  7. S. R. Manjula, Optimisation of polysilicon piezoresistors for MEMS pressure sensor - Jointly with K. N. Bhat, 2005.

  8. S. Basu, Estimation of Young's modulus and stiction force from surface micromachined cantilever beams - Jointly with Anil Prabhakar, 2006.

  9. A. Mathew, Improved silicon and porous silicon biosensors with applications - Jointly with Anju Chadha of Biotechnology Department, 2006.

  10. S. Tyagi, Development of silicon based optical attenuator - Jointly with Anil Prabhakar, 2007.

  11. U. B. Katreddi, Fabrication of three terminal cantilever test structure and measurement of in-use stiction, 2008.

  12. V. Hareesh, Readout circuit design and miniaturization of silicon based Biosensors Jointly with Shanthi Pavan, 2009.

  13. N. Bhagirath, MOS capacitor for simple thiol based biosensor applications, 2011

  14. Paresh Kumar, Developing a Digital Microfluidics (DMF) platform for biosensor applications, 2012.

  15. Vikrant Sista, Knudsen's force based MEMS structures, 2014.

  16. Rahul Kumar: Design, fabrication and characterization of Metamaterial based THz filters, Jointly with Ananth Krishnan, 2015

  17. Gaurav Kathel: Improving mass sensitivity and reliability of micro-cantilevers for bio-sensing application in liquid medium, 2016

  18. Praveen Sahu: Simultaneous trapping and estimation of nitrogen using pH sensitive Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Capacitor in Kjeldahl process, Jointly with Anju Chadha, Biotechnology Department, 2017.

  19. Meenakshi Rajasekaran: Design, Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS Micromirrors for compact Fourier Transform Spectroscopy systems, Jointly with Shanti Bhattacharya.

  20. Rahul Changder: Travel range extension and negative differential capacitance demonstration in MEMS capacitors, 2021.

Ongoing 3

  1. Anweshan Chakraborty, Modeling and fabrication of suspended gate MEMS SGFET, Jointly with Anil Prabhakar, EE

  2. Kaustav Dutta, Silicon carbide MEMS sensors, Jointly with Nandita DasGupta, EE

  3. Abhishek Kumar, Transport in silicon nanoporous membranes: measurement and modeling. Jointly with Abhijit Deshpande, Chemical Engg

PhD guidance::

Completed 8

  1. R. J. Daniel, Studies on grain boundary passivation techniques suitable for high temperature process of polycrystalline SOI MOSFETs – Jointly with K.N. Bhat, 2006.

  2. L. Sujatha, Study of Silicon/Porous Silicon composite membranes for pressure sensors, 2008.

  3. S. Bhat, Electrical Measurements for Parameter Extraction in Surface Micromachined MEMS, 2008.

  4. RE Fernandez, Microcantilever based triglyceride and urea biosensing- Jointly with Anju Chadha, Biotechnology Department.

  5. HVB Achar, Silicon nanoporous membranes for biomolecular detection, Jointly with M. Tartagni, ARCI, U. of Bologna, Italy. 2014.

  6. SV Mohanasundaram: Biosensor system based on miniaturised EISCAP for the detection of Triglycerides, Jointly with Shanthi Pavan, 2014.

  7. Noel Prashanth: Continuous and Real-time Monitoring of Biomolecule Permeation through Silicon Nanoporous Membranes, 2019.

  8. S. M. Satheesh: Weakest link model parameters of polysilicon from indentation fracture to failure of MEMS structures, co-guided with Anuradha Banerjee of Applied Mechanics Department, 2021.

Ongoing 6

  1. Manu Balakrishnan, Design and fabrication of a combined MEMS actuator and grating, Jointly with Shanti Bhattacharya, EE

  2. Somnath Biswas, Suspended gate FET (SGFET): devices and applications

  3. Ananya Ghosh, Silicon nanoporous membranes for dialysis

  4. Sourodeep Roy, Physical model for dendritic systems. Jointly with Bhaswar Chakrabarti, EE.

  5. Anushka Tiwari, Silicon Nitride waveguide fabrication technology for photonic integrated circuits. Jointly with Bijoy K Das, EE.

  6. Bhaskar Kumar, NEMS for quantum phononics, Jointly with Prabhu Rajagopal, Mech. Engg.