Deleep R. Nair

Department of Electrical Engineering
IIT Madras


  • Affiliation: Centre for NEMS and Nanophotonics (CNNP)
  • Phone: 044 -2257 4471
  • E-mail: deleep[at]
  • Office: CSD 318

Education & Experience

All Firework-makers have three gifts. They are all equally important, and two of them are no good without the third. They are talent, grit and luck.

Lalchand to Lila (in Philip Pullman's The Firework-maker's daughter)


  • Ph.D (EE) - IIT Bombay (2005)
  • Thesis - Scalability & Reliability Studies of NOR Flash EEPROMs (Advisor - Prof. Souvik Mahapatra)

  • M.Tech (EE) - IIT Bombay (2001)
  • Thesis - Numerical Modeling of Tunneling Current through Ultrathin Gate Oxides (Advisors - Profs. J. Vasi & M.B. Patil)

  • B.Tech (ECE) - NIT Calicut (1999)
  • Thesis - Speech and Audio coding using Wavelet Transforms (Advisor - Prof. P.S. Sathidevi)


  • Professor (Nov 2022 - present)
  • Associate Professor (July 2017 - Oct 2022)
  • Assistant Professor (Dec 2011 - June 2017)
  • Senior Engineer - IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Hopewell Junction, NY (April 2005 - October 2011)
  • -Device engineer for 65nm, 32nm, 28nm and (early) 14nm CMOS process nodes
    -Lead device engineer of the multi-company (IBM/Samsung/Infineon/Toshiba/Renesas/GlobalFoundries/ST Microelectronics) 32nm & 28nm bulk CMOS technology development program

Teaching & Research

The subject I am going to recommend to your attention almost terrifies me. The variety it presents is immense and the enumeration of facts serves to confound rather than to inform. The subject is electricity.

Leonhard Euler to a German Princess (1761)

Courses Taught

  • Basic Electrical Engineering (EE1100)
  • Electric Circuits and Networks (EE2015)
  • Solid State Devices (EE3001)
  • Professional Ethics (HS3050)
  • VLSI Technology (EE5312)
  • Introduction to Research (EE6021)
  • Advanced CMOS Devices and Technology (EE6346)*
  • Seminar on the History of Electrical Engineering (EE5004)*
  • * Courses introduced

Research Interest

  • Semiconductor Devices - Device Design, Fabrication, Characterization and Numerical modeling
  • RF MEMS switches and resonators - Design, Fabrication, Characterization and Numerical modeling

Amateur Interest

  • History of Science and Technology
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Economic History


One shouldn't work on semiconductors, that is a filthy mess; who knows whether they really exist.

Wolfgang Pauli to Rudolf Peierls (1931)

Current Research Scholars

  • Ch Pavan
  • Animesh Vaish
  • Bijay J
  • Kanaka Joy
  • Anurag Swarnkar
  • Bhadri Narayanan (with Prof. Amitava DasGupta)
  • Nivedita Rai
  • Amrendra Singh (with Prof. Nandita DasGupta)
  • Gangam Pavan Kumar (with Prof. Nandita DasGupta)
  • Abhishek Krishnan (with Prof. Subash S.)

Alumni (Thesis and current affiliation)

Ph D
  • Vishal Tiwari (2017) - Analysis and modeling of Gate Induced Drain Leakage (GIDL) mechanisms in SiGe pMOSFETs - Intel, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
  • George Thachil (2022) (with Prof. Amitava DasGupta) - Design, fabrication and characterization of an energy efficient bistable DC MEMS switch - Infineon, Bangalore
  • Dibakar Yadav (2022) - A quantum transport simulation based study of source to drain tunneling in pMOSFETs - Micron, Hyderabad
  • Nidhin K (2022) (with Prof. Anjan Chakravorty) - Thermal Modeling of Transistor: A study of the static behavior of SiGe HBTs, SOI FinFETs and GaN HEMTs - Intel, Bangalore
  • Sarath G (2016) - Tunable RF MEMS capacitive switches with stress resilience and enhanced capacitance ratio - Purdue University for PhD
  • Vivek Oza (2022) - Characterization and Analysis of 1/f noise in SiGe channel PMOS devices - Micron, Singapore

Publications & Projects

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

William Bruce Cameron (1963)


  • Indian Nanoelectronics Users Programme - Idea to Innovation (as co-PI)
  • TCAD simulation, analysis and compact modeling of static thermal effects in GaN HEMTs (as co-PI)
  • Design and Development of SPDT RF MEMS switches for Ku band applications (as PI)
  • RF Oscillators based on MEMS resonators (as PI)
  • Self-aligned double polysilicon emitter Bipolar Technology for RF applications (as co-PI)
  • Reliability of SiGe channel PFETs (as PI)
  • Characterization and simulation of Gate Induced Drain Leakage (GIDL) in high k metal gate PMOSFETs (as PI)
  • Development of numerical simulation tool for 3-D silicon nanowire MOSFETs (as co-PI)
  • Design, fabrication and characterization of nanoelectromechanical resonator (as co-PI)