Basic Course Information

  • Instructor: S. Aniruddhan
  • Email: ani AT ee*iitm*ac*in
  • Office: ESB246A
  • Office Hours: By appointment (email)
  • Class Times: B-slot
    M: 9-9:50am
    Tu: 8-8:50am
    W: 12-12:50pm
    F: 11-11:50am
    Th: 5:00-5:50pm (makeup classes in ESB127)
  • Class Location: ESB106
  • Prerequisites: EC5135 (Analog Electronic Circuits) or EC3102 (Analog Circuits)
    Knowledge of the following topics is required:
    Linear circuit analysis; MOS transistor basics; small-signal equivalent circuits; small and large signal analysis; frequency domain analysis; single-transistor amplifiers; differential pairs.
  • Course Contents:
    Introduction to IC Design
    Mismatch & Noise
    Negative Feedback, Frequency compensation
    1-stage, 2-stage and fully-differential CMOS opamps
    Application Circuits: Phase-locked loops, Bandgap references
  • TA Info:
    Prasad S: ee08b064 AT ee*iitm*ac*in
    Raviteja R: ee11m058 AT ee*iitm*ac*in
    Sanak NK: ee11m059 AT ee*iitm*ac*in
    Sanjukta R: ee11m060 AT ee*iitm*ac*in
  • Grading:
    HWs, Tutorials, Projects = 30%
    Quiz 1, Quiz 2 = 15% each
    Final Exam = 40%
  • Textbooks:
    The course doesn't follow a single textbook. However, the following book can be used as a reference for MOS circuit design and opamps, and for practice problems:
    Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi; Tata McGraw-Hill, 2006 (ISBN: 0070529035)
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