Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras

I am Chithra, a post-doctoral researcher under Dr. Saurabh Saxena. My research interest include design of low-power, compact clocking solutions to mixed-signal ICs, time-to-digital converters (TDCs), digital-to-time converters (DTCs), delay-locked loops (DLLs) and phase-locked loops(PLLs). I am currently designing a TDC for quantum key distribution (QKD) system. Prior to this, I completed my Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Nagendra Krishnapura. During my Ph.D., we designed and tested a compact, low power, 18-channel TDC in 130nm CMOS process for the iron calorimeter detector in the India-based neutrino observatory (INO). We also proposed two techniques to suppress static phase offset in DLLs, a nonideality that affects the linearity of high-resolution single-shot TDCs.



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