Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras

EE6324: Phase-Locked Loops(Aug.-Nov. 2019)



  • ESB 207A


D slot(Mo 11-12; Tu 10-11; We 9-10; Th 12-1)

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  • Assignments (10%)
  • Quiz-I (20%)
  • Quiz-II (20%)
  • Project (20%)
  • End Sem (30%)

Recorded lectures

The recorded lectures are available here. You can also find lectures from previous years at the same link. The NPTEL online course Analog Circuits also covers a portion of the material.


Assignments will be posted below. You are expected to solve them on your own. You should submit each one by 09:00AM of the due date mentioned. Copying will carry strict penalties.

Course contents

Topics include analog and digital integer-N phase-locked loops (PLLs). Building blocks include phase/frequency detectors, charge-pump, LC/ring-oscillators, multi-modulus frequency dividers, active/passive loop-filter, etc.


To develop intuition behind frequency synthesizer design, learning mathematical basis behind operation, and realizing PLLs at architecture and transistor level.


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  • W. Egan, Phase-Lock Basics, John Wiley & Sons, 2008.
  • R. Best, Phase-Locked Loops : Design, Simulation, and Applications, McGraw Hill, 2003.



Attendance will be strictly enforced.