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EC1010: Electrical and Magnetic Circuits(Jan.-May 2014)

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Instructor: Nagendra Krishnapura

This is a course on circuit analysis. Problem sets and other instructions can be found here. Familiarity with basic calculus is assumed. At IIT Madras, this is a prerequisite course for Networks and Systems and Analog Circuits.

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  1. 2014-01-16: Introduction to the course
  2. 2014-01-17(pdf): Current and Voltage; Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage laws; Electrical circuit elements: Resistance, voltage source, and current source
  3. 2014-01-21(pdf): Capacitor, Inductor, controlled sources, mutual inductor; Elements in series and parallel
  4. 2014-01-23(pdf): Power and energy; Constraint on mutual inductance
  5. 2014-01-24(pdf): Open and short circuits; Loops and nodes in a circuit; Nodal analysis
  6. 2014-01-27(pdf): Nodal analysis of circuits with resistors and independent current sources; Voltage sources and supernodes; Controlled sources
  7. 2014-01-28(pdf): Nodal analysis of circuits with controlled sources; Modified nodal analysis(MNA)
  8. 2014-01-30(pdf): (no recording) Modified nodal analysis(MNA)
  9. 2014-02-04(pdf): Loop analysis with link currents
  10. 2014-02-06(pdf): Mesh analysis; Superposition theorem; Pushing a voltage source through a node
  11. 2014-02-07(pdf): Splitting a current source; Substitution theorem
  12. 2014-02-10(pdf): Thevenin's theorem; Maximum power transfer theorem; Tellegen's theorem
  13. 2014-02-11(pdf): Norton's theorem; Tellegen's theorem; Reciprocity in resistive networks
  14. 2014-02-13(pdf): Reciprocity in resistive networks; Introduction to two port networks
  15. 2014-02-14(pdf): Two port parameters
  16. 2014-02-18(pdf): Reciprocal two ports; Compensation theorem
  17. 2014-02-19(pdf): Review of reciprocity and two ports
  18. 2014-02-25(pdf): Incremental analysis of nonlinear circuits; Diode model
  19. 2014-02-27(pdf): Incremental analysis of nonlinear circuits; Diode model
  20. 2014-02-28(pdf): Incremental y parameters of nonlinear two ports; Negative feedback and ideal opamp
  21. 2014-03-03(pdf): Negative feedback and opamp; Assigning opamp signs for negative feedback
  22. 2014-03-04(pdf): Negative feedback and opamp; Assigning opamp signs for negative feedback
  23. 2014-03-07(pdf): Circuits with capacitors and inductors; First order differential equation and its solutions
  24. 2014-03-10(pdf): Step response of a first order circuit
  25. 2014-03-11(pdf): Step response of a first order circuit
  26. 2014-03-13(pdf): Steady state response of a first order circuit to exponential and sinusoidal inputs
  27. 2014-03-18(pdf): Sinusoidal steady state response; Natural response of a second order circuit
  28. 2014-03-20(pdf): Natural response of a second order circuit
  29. 2014-03-24: Natural response of a second order circuit; Sinusoidal steady state response
  30. 2014-03-25(pdf): Sinusoidal steady state response; Phasors and their use in circuit analysis
  31. 2014-03-27(pdf): Phasor diagrams; Magnitude and phase plots
  32. 2014-04-01(pdf): Magnitude and phase plots; Bode plots; Magnitude and phase response of a second order RLC circuit
  33. 2014-04-03: Complex power; Conjugate matching for maximum power transfer (no recording; refer to last year's lecture below)
    • 2013-03-25(iPod, pdf): Complex power, real(average) power, apparent power, power factor, power factor correction; Conjugate matching for maximum power transfer
  34. 2014-04-04(pdf): Power factor correction; Locus diagrams
  35. 2014-04-08(pdf): Locus diagrams; Conjugate matching networks; Phasor representation of a mutual inductor
  36. 2014-04-10: Quiz III review
  37. 2014-04-11(pdf): Ideal transformer; Impedance matching with a transformer; Three phase power transmission
  38. 2014-04-16(pdf): Three phase systems; 3 and 4 wire connection; Delta and star connected loads; Star-Delta transformation; Balanced and unbalanced loads
  39. 2014-04-17(pdf): Star point voltage in an unbalanced load; Symmetrical component representation of unbalanced quantities
  40. 2014-04-21(pdf): Symmetrical components; Wattmeter and power measurement in single and 3 phase systems
  41. 2014-04-22(pdf): Magnetic circuits-analogs of KVL, KCL, and ohms law
  42. 2014-04-25(pdf): Magnetic components using loops of magnetic material; Nonlinearity, hysteresis, and eddy current losses

Additional material

Problem sets

  1. Problem set 1(25th Jan. 2014): Basic elements; Power and energy
  2. Problem set 2(31st Jan. 2014): Nodal analysis; Modified nodal analysis
  3. Problem set 3(17th Feb. 2014): Mesh analysis; Circuit theorems
  4. Problem set 4(21st Feb. 2014): Circuit theorems; Two port networks
  5. Problem set 5(6th Mar. 2014): Small signal analysis
  6. Problem set 6(14th Mar. 2014): Opamp circuits
  7. Problem set 7(21st Mar. 2014): RC, RL, RLC network response, differential equations
  8. Problem set 8(28th Mar. 2014): Sinusoidal steady state response, Phasor diagrams, Bode plots
  9. Problem set 9(15th Apr. 2014): Locus diagrams, Conjugate matching
  10. Problem set 10(28th Apr. 2014): Three phase circuits
  11. Problem set 11(28th Apr. 2014): Magnetic circuits


  1. 2014-02-03: Quiz I
  2. 2014-02-24: Quiz II
  3. 2014-04-07: Quiz III
  4. 2014-04-29: Quiz IV