Radha Krishna Ganti

My Picture  Assistant Professor               
 ESB 208-D,
 Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
 IIT Madras,
 Chennai, India 600036.
 Phone +91 44  2257-4467
 email:  rganti [at] ee . iitm . ac . in

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Courses News and Events:
4/17    Received the Junior Level Institute Research and Development Award (IRDA) for the year 2016-17.
2/17    Organizer and chair of 5G workshop: Prototyping Experimental 5G Testbeds
2/17    TPC chair NCC 2017, IIT Chennai
10/16    Editor of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
2/15    Tutorial on full-duplex communications NCC 2015, IIT Bombay
6/14    JTG Summer school 2014: 16 June-19 June, Chennai
6/14    Leonard G. Abraham Prize Paper Award, IEEE Communications Society
6/14    Stephen O. Rice Prize Paper Award, IEEE Communications Society
5/14    Energy Efficiency in Cellular Networks. IAFOE 2014
5/14    ITRA funding for using mobile phones for traffic prediction
4/13    Heterogeneous Networks; Interfernce Management. Talk at SRM"
1/13    Reading seminar on "Probabilistic Methods"
8/12    Reading seminar on "Stochastic Approximation"
7/12    Tutorial at SPssCOM 2012: Stochastic Geometry: A New Tool for Wireless Network Analysis [pdf]
1/12    Reading seminar on "Markov Chains"
1/12    Invited talk at WISARD 2012 workshop
9/11    Reading seminar on "Spectral Graph Theory"
10/17    Technial blog: bps/Hz