Photonics at IIT Madras

M.Tech Program

In order to cater to the demand of skilled professionals in Photonics, a team of 9 faculty carrying out photonics-related research in Electrical Engineering supported by other faculty members with similar expertise in the Departments of Physics, Applied Mechanics, and Engineering Design are jointly proposing a Master of Technology program in Photonics. It is proposed that the initial intake for the program is 10 students selected from the applicants to the M.Tech program in Electrical Engineering.

Similar programs in some other IITs are:

  • M.Tech. Applied Optics, IIT- Delhi
  • M.Tech. Opto-Electronics and Optical Communication, IIT-Delhi
  • M. Tech. Fibre Optics and Lightwave Engineering, IIT- Kharagpur
  • M.Tech. Laser Technology Program, IIT-Kanpur

The student intake will be B.E./B.Tech/M.Sc who qualify with GATE subjects EE/EC/IN/PH. Please visit the official M.Tech admissions website for more details.