Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum Communications encompasses some of the latest technological trends in optical communications, specific to the security of our data in transit. We rely on the quantum properties of single photons to transfer information between two parties over point-to-point links, called Quantum Key Distribution.

Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNG) use Heisenberg's uncertainity principle to generate a string of random numbers that are then sent over a fibre optic or free space optical communication channel using the properties of light, phase, amplitude or polarization.

The commonly used terminology is a mix of implementation methodology and protocols

  1. Differential Phase (DPS-QKD)
  2. Coherent One Way (COW-QKD)
  3. Polarization (BB84)

This work is now extendable to topics in Quantum Networks, Secret Sharing, and Quantum Repeaters


Anil Prabhakar

Scholars and Staff