Vidya Mohan

About Me
Hi! I am a project officer working under Dr Balaji Srinivasan. I have been working at IITM for the last 2 years. I started my journey with ensuring the successful completion of the Under Water communication project. This involved interacting with various departments of IIT (including Purchase, Audit and Accounts) and ensuring the timely availability of resources – assets, components & manpower as also ensuring the proper utilization of funds.
Current Project
As of now I am on an exciting project under IMPRINT which focuses on combining beams of light coherently. This has enormous potential and worldover we have people who are working on it. I am happy to help our students and scientists in their race to bring in cutting-edge technology to India
I am basically an Electronics and Communication engineer who has been working on the software side and teaching for quite a bit of time. Have had the opportunity to peep into the world of optics and its amazing potential for the past 2 years.