Enakshi Bhattacharya


PhD :   Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, 1985.

Master of Science:  Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 1980.

Bachelor of Science:  Physics Major, Mathematics Minor, Bombay University, 1978.

044-2257 4419

  • MEMS processing and sensors: Surface and Bulk Micromachining, Test structures for parameter extraction and reliability, Measurement and modeling of stiction. Pressure sensors - piezoresistive and Knudsen force based.
  • Biosensors and MEMS: Electrolyte insulator semiconductor capacitor (EISCAP) to estimate Triglycerides and Urea concentrations using enzymatic hydrolysis. Complete system using miniaturized EISCAPs and readout circuit.
  • Micro/Nano cantilever based sensors.
  • Silicon nanoporous membranes for dialysis.
  • Material and devices made of different forms of silicon - amorphous, porous, polycrystalline.

  • Maharashtra State Government Scholarship for Talent Development in Mathematics and Physics, 1975-78.
  • II prize at Colloquium for Young Physicists, Indian Physical Society, Calcutta, 1985.
  • ISSS Distinguished Service Award 2019 by the Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (ISSS) for distinguished and seminal scientific and technical contributions to the growth of microsystems technologies in the country.
  • IEEE Sensors Council Distinguished Lecturer, 2021-2023.
  • IEEE Senior Member

    Previous Courses

  • UG courses on Electromagnetic Fields, Semiconductor Devices, Device Modeling, Electrical Sciences II , Quantum Electronics and Lasers.
  • PG Courses on Device Modeling, VLSI Technology, Solid State Physics.
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices.
  • Amorphous and Poly-crystalline Silicon.
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).
  • Solar cells - with S Ashok (visiting Prof).
  • Conducted UG and PG laboratories in both Physics and Electrical Engineering Departments.


  • K Sivasundari and E Bhattacharya, Knudsen force based double beam MEMS pressure sensor with increased operating range, J Micromech Microeng 32 104002 2022.
  • M B Krishnan, S Bhattacharya, and E Bhattacharya, Design and fabrication of a combined MEMS actuator and grating ISSS J Micro Smart Syst (Springer), Oct 2021.
  • S M Satheesh, A Banerjee and E Bhattacharya, Transferability of weakest link model parameters of polysilicon from indentation fracture to failure in MEMS structures, Engineering Failure Analysis 127, 105563 Sep 2021.
  • A Ghosh, D Sathish Kumar, K Sivasundari, E Bhattacharya, Optimising oxide capping layer for tuning pore formation in Silicon Nanoporous Membranes, ISSS J of Micro and Smart Systems (Springer), June 2021.
  • A Ghosh, Fidal V T, S Sengupta, S Kannan, L Krishnan, E Bhattacharya, Effective clearance of uremic toxins using functionalised silicon nanoporous membranes, Biomed Microdevices 23, 4 (2021).
  • M V Chinnamani, P Bhadra, V T Fidal, S Gayathri, A Chadha, and E Bhattacharya, Ultrasensitive detection of antigen-antibody interaction and triglycerides in liquid ambient using polysilicon cantilevers, J Micromech Microeng 30(2020) 125002 (10pp) Selected as one of the 2020 Highlights of J Micromech Microeng.
  • N P Ratchagar, V T Fidal, P Bhadra, A Ghosh, A Chadha and E Bhattacharya, Sensor for Continuous and Real-time Monitoring of Biomolecule Permeation through Ultrathin Silicon Nanoporous Membranes, IEEE Sensors J, 19 (12), 4419-4427, 2019.
  • P Bhadra, M S Shajahan, P Patel, E Bhattacharya, A Chadha and P K Sekhar, Immobilizing siderophores on solid surfaces for bacterial detection, J Electrochem Soc, Vol 165, No 8 Focus Issue, B3017-B3022, 2018.
  • S M Satheesh, A Banerjee and E Bhattacharya, Determination of polysilicon Weibull parameters from indentation fracture, Thin Sol Films, Vol 642, Pages 76-81, 30 November 2017.
  • G Kathel, M S Shajahan, P Bhadra, A Prabhakar, A Chadha, and E Bhattacharya, Measurement and reliability issues in resonant mode cantilever for bio-sensing application in fluid medium, J Micromech Microeng, Volume 26, Number 9, 2016.

Conference Proceedings

  • A Kumar, V T Fidal, K Sivasundari, S Sengupta, and E Bhattacharya, A monitored miniature dialysis apparatus with silicon nanoporous membrane, Sensors & Systems for Alternative Diagnostics and Therapies, APSCON 2023, 23-25 January, Bengaluru Accepted.
  • A Tiwari, S S Bhakat, R Goswami, PK Swain, A Goswami, E Bhattacharya, and BK Das, In-House SiN Process Development for Integrated Photonic Applications, ICEE 2022, Bangalore, 11-14 Dec.
  • S Roy, B Chakrabarti, and E Bhattacharya, Implementation of an artificial neuron using SiOx-based resistive switching device, ICEE 2022, Bangalore, 11-14 Dec.
  • S Roy, S R Pande, B Chakrabarti, and E Bhattacharya, A SiOx resistive memory with low operating voltages, gradual set/reset operation and high on-state non-linearity, accepted for MRS Spring Meeting, Hawaii 8-13 May 2022.
  • A Chakrabarti, A Prabhakar, and E Bhattacharya, A surface potential based current model for Suspended Gate Field Effect Transistor prior to pull-in, IWPSD 2021 (online) Dec 14-17, Delhi.
  • A Chakrabarti, S Biswas, A Prabhakar, and E Bhattacharya, Effect of plasma exposure on the electrical characteristics of suspended gate field effect transistor, IWPSD 2021 (online) Dec 14-17, Delhi.
  • M B Krishnan, S Bhattacharya, and E Bhattacharya, Processing challenges in fabricating a combined MEMS actuator and grating, IWPSD 2021 (online) Dec 14-17, Delhi Invited.
  • E Bhattacharya, Silicon nanoporous membranes for dialysis, International Conference on Thin films and Nanotechnology - Knowledge, Leadership and Commercialization (ICTN-KLC) in memory of Prof K L Chopra, 24th - 26th Aug 2021, IIT Delhi Invited.
  • E Bhattacharya, Towards a silicon nanoporous membrane based miniature dialysis apparatus, 17th international workshop on nanomechanical sensing, Calgary, Canada, 15-18 June 2021, Invited.
  • A Ghosh, V T Fidal, S Sengupta, S Kannan, L Krishnan, E Bhattacharya, Miniature dialysis device using silicon-based composite membranes, 12th International Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes ICOM 2020, 7-11 December, 2020, Held online.


  • E Bhattacharya, A Chadha, S Pavan, H Vemulachedu, M S Veeramani, P Shyam, and N P Ratchagar,A miniaturised blood serum triglyceride monitoring system, Indian Patent No 426149 granted on 21 March 2023 (Application No 4937/CHE/2013, 01/11/20130).

  • Member of Indian Scientists Against Nuclear Weapons (ISANW).
  • Member of Movement for People Unity (MPU): an organization committed to promote communal harmony.
  • Life member: Blue Cross of India, an animal welfare organization.
  • Member: South Zone Tagore Commemoration Committee, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, 2011-2012.
  • English subtitles for Bengali and Hindi movies/documentaries.
  • Translation and voice over for instructive videos on spastics, autism and cerebral palsy.
  • Love to do:Read, listen to music (with a leaning towards Hindustani),trek with friends (not the climb every mountain type), bird and spoil my dog.

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