Arun Pachai Kannu

Associate Professor

044-2257 4463

  • Detection and Estimation in Wireless Communications.
  • Sparse Signal Processing: Theory and Applications.
  • Deep learning in Communications.

    Current Courses

  • Digital Signal Processing (Jan 2024) EE2004

    Previous Courses

  • Digital Modulation and Coding
  • Applied Linear Algebra
  • Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Detection Theory


  • Recent Publications:
  • M. K. Sinha and A. P. Kannu, "Generalized Sparse Regression Codes for Short Block Lengths," IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2024.
  • P. Rashmi, A. Manoj, and A. P. Kannu, "3-D Beamforming Training using Mutually Unbiased Bases for Cell Discovery in mm-wave Systems", IEEE ACCESS, vol 11, 2023.
  • Google Scholar Profile: Complete List


  • A. P. Kannu, N. Rajmohan and N. Gowda, "Downlink synchronization in heterogeneous cellular networks", Indian patent 423725, Mar 2023.
  • T Luo, A P Kannu, K Liu and P Gaal, "Scrambling codes for secondary synchronization codes in wireless communication systems", US patent, 8503547 B2, Aug 2013.
  • T Luo, P Gaal, K Liu and A P Kannu, "Secondary synchronization codebook for E-UTRAN", US patent 8009701 B2, Aug 2011.
  • V Rajendran, K Sundaresan, A P Kannu and S Subramanian, "Access systems based on the OFDM transmission technique", Indian Patent 198873, 2006.

Books Authored

  • A P Kannu, " Mobile Broadband Communications: Theoretical principles and practical techniques, VDM Verlag Publishers, 2007.
  • R Misra and A P Kannu, " Sensing orders in multi-user cognitive radio networks", IGI Global publishers , 2014.
  • P Schniter, S Das, S J Hwang and A P Kannu, " Equalization of time varying channels", Academic Press, Elsevier , 2010.

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