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Course NoEE6417
Course TitleIncentive-Cenetred Design (Advanced Topics in Control)
Course Contenta. Game theory: Strategic games; Hierarchy of equilibria --- Nash equilibrium, correlated equilibrium, and coarse correlated equilibrium; complexity of computing equilibria; Routing games; Braess’s Paradox; Price of Anarchy. b. Learning in games: Best-response dynamics; external regret; swap regret; no-regret learning rules; convergence of learning rules to equilibria. c. Mechanism design: Sealed-bid auctions; Single-parameter environments; Second price auctions; Dominant Strategy Incentive Compatibility (DSIC); Revenue-maximizing auctions; multi-parameter environments; Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) mechanism; Drawbacks of DSIC mechanisms; Bayesian mechanism design; d’Aspremont-Gerard-Varet (AGV) mechanism; Bayesian Incentive Compatibility; Two-Stage Mechanisms; Applications to energy markets; Iterative auctions; Ex Post Incentive Compatibility. d. Basics of General Equilibrium Theory: Exchange economy; Walrasian equilibrium; First Welfare Theorem; Gross substitutes.
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