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Course details of EE6180
Course NoEE6180
Course TitleAdvanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence
Course Content1. Basic Neural Network: Perceptron; Multi-layer Perceptron; Back propagation; Stochastic gradient descent; Universal approximation theorem; Applications in imaging such as for denoising. 2. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN): CNN Architecture (Convolutional layer, Pooling layer, ReLu layer, fully connected layer, loss layer); Regularization methods such as dropout; Fine-tuning; Understanding and Visualizing CNN; Applications of CNN in imaging such as object/scene recognition. 3. Recurrent Neural Network (RNN): Basic RNN; Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) and GRUs; Encoder-Decoder models; Applications in imaging such as activity recognition, image captioning. 4. Autoencoders: Autoencoder; Denoising auto-encoder; Sparse auto-encoder; Variational autoencoder; Applications in imaging such as segnet and image generation. 5. Deep Generative Models: Restricted Boltzmann machine; Deep Boltzmann machine; Recurrent Image Density Estimators (RIDE); PixelRNN and PixelCNN; Plug-and-Play generative networks. 6. Generative Adversarial Network (GAN): GAN; Deep Convolutional GAN; Conditional GAN;
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