Department Degree Distribution Programme (D3P)

  1. The event (D3P) be held on 13th July 2022 in the auditorium at IITM Research Park, 2.30 pm – 4 pm.
  2. The Institute Convocation is between 11 am and 1 pm and will be live streamed.
  3. Parents of Graduands may be seated in the auditorium of the CSE Department during the Institute Convocation and can watch the live streaming.
  4. Parents can attend the D3P function at the Research Park in person.
  5. Private vehicles would need to be parked at Kendriya Vidyalaya grounds, or behind Jamuna Hostel.
  6. After the Institute Convocation, buses have been arranged to transport parents and graduands to the Research Park.
  7. The buses will start from CSE and Himalaya Mess from 1.10 pm onwards and would be cycled. Look out for the banner on the buses meant for this purpose.
  8. The auditorium is on the 7th floor of the research park, D block.
  9. The walking distance from CSE to the RP auditorium is about 2.5 km and may take about 30 minutes (should you choose to do that) along the route shown in the map.
  10. After the programme, buses will be available to drop people back at Himalaya (cyclic). They are the buses that will be dropping people to the same vanue for the next event.
  11. Collect your refreshments after the programme outside the auditorium.
  12. Please be in the auditorium by 2.00 pm. It is important that the programme starts on time and finishes on time.
  13. Please carry the D3P invitation card with you.
  14. In the auditorium, graduands will be seated in a particular order to enable smooth movement for the degree distribution. Parents may please be seated in the seats behind the graduands’ seating area.
  15. Dress code for graduands for the D3P is the same as in the Institute Convocation Function.
  16. Keep your phones in silent mode throughout the programme.