Program Logistics

Program Logistics

Reaching IITM: Please refer the information already put up in the site

Moving Around in IIT-M

  1. E- Autos: E-Autos used for research purposes and operated by the Center for the Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles can be booked through the “Esmito EV Hire” which can be downloaded from playstore.
  2. Institute Buses: Institute buses are scheduled to operate specifically for the conference on all four days of the conference. The details are provided below.
Date Morning Evening/Night
  From Main gate From ICSR
18/12/2018 8:00, 8:15, 8.30, 8:45 AM 8:30,8:45,9:00,9:15 PM
19/12/2018 8:00, 8:15, 8.30, 8:45,9:00,

9:30,10:00,10:30 AM


9:00,9:15 PM

20/12/2018 8:00, 8:15,8.30,8:45,

9:00,9:30,10:00,10:30 AM


9:45,10:00, 10:15,10:30 PM

21/12/2018 8:00, 8:15, 8.30,

8:45,9:00 AM

6:00,6:15,6:30,7:00 PM


Apart from this, regular bus services of the Institute (mini buses) operate in this route, which may also be used. These bus services do not require any payment.

  1. Apart from this, taxi services do drop people inside IITM as per your booking. Normal autos of the city may ask you for extra charge for dropping inside. They can also be booked for going out – but it is preferable for quicker service to book these to pick up at the Gate.
  2. All venues of the sessions are within few minutes of walking distance from each other. The maximum time from one to the other would be about 3-4 minutes.

General Information

Plenary sessions are scheduled at CLT or ICAD. Audience may also participate from either hall, since a Video Conference (VC) facility is arranged*.

*(The main venue will be as per the schedule, while the VC participation may be rescheduled based on audience participation).


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