Final Manuscript

Note to Authors before uploading of Final Manuscript

Authors may please note the following.

1) Authors are expected to retain the title of the paper while submitting the final manuscript.
2) The author list may be augmented if need be, but not reduced.
3) The first author cannot be different in the final manuscript.

Changes as in (2) above should be communicated to referring the paper ID.

  1. Authors should NOT submit the final manuscript in the same portal as that used for digest submission.
  2. The authors are expected to make sure that all the comments of the reviewers/meta-reviewers have been addressed in the final manuscript. A separate document listing the content in the final manuscript that address the reviewer/meta-reviewer’s comments should be uploaded to the digest submission portal (not the final manuscript submission portal). Those manuscripts that are found not to have addressed the reviewer/meta-reviewer comments may not approved for presentation at the conference and will not be made available in IEEE Xplore.
  3. The final manuscript should not exceed 6 pages and should follow the format indicated here .
  4. The final manuscript should have the copyright clearance code notice at the bottom of the first page. Kindly refer to the latex/word template provided here and replace the dummy code at the first page bottom with this code:
    1. For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government: S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
    2. For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada and Australia): 978-1-5386-9316-2/18/$31.00 ©2018 Crown
    3. For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union: 978-1-5386-9316-2/18/$31.00 ©2018 European Union
    4. For all others: 978-1-5386-9316-2/18/$31.00 ©2018 IEEE
  5. The final manuscript should be submitted at the IEEE PDFExpressPlus site. Once the final manuscript is submitted to IEEE PDF eXpress site (the submission instructions are given below after the note to authors), no changes of any kind – even minor changes – will not be possible. Proof read your final manuscript thoroughly to confirm that it will not require any further revision.
  6. The manuscript’s publication in IEEE Xplore is subject to
    1. The pdf manuscript being IEEE compliant. The IEEE PDF eXpress site will ensure this.
    2. The manuscript clearing the plagiarism check. This will be done by the PEDES organizers once the manuscript collected by the PEDES team through IEEE PDF eXpress site.
    3. The authors transferring the copyright to IEEE by submitting the electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF).
  7. The authors may receive information on plagiarism only if their paper does not clear the plagiarism check.
  8. The electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) will be made available soon for the authors to complete the transfer of copyright to IEEE.

Final Manuscript Submission Instructions for Authors

The final manuscript needs to be submitted in the IEEE PDF eXpress site (and not in the digest submission portal).

To submit your final manuscript,

Account Creation

First Time Users of IEEE PDF eXpress site:

  1. Select the “New Users – Click Here” link.
  2. Enter the following:
    1. Conference ID: 42624XP
    2. Your email address
    3. Password of your choice
  3. Continue to enter information as prompted.Upon completion of profiling, an online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

An online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous Users of IEEE PDF eXpress or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus site logging in for the first time for this conference:

Previous users (users who have used this site for other conferences earlier) should follow the same steps as the first time users above except that the password to be entered is the same password that was used for previous conferences.

Verify that your contact information displayed after entering your password is valid.

Upload Manuscript

Upon successful creation of the account, you may either use the Continue button and go on to submit the manuscript or logout and login later for submission.

Final Clearance

Once uploading of your manuscript is done, you may use the Refresh button and wait to check the status or logout. You would receive an email confirming the results of the check. As per the instructions in the mail or even otherwise, after the PDF file is cleared for compatibility, authors should login once again to the portal and APPROVE the manuscript for COLLECTION by the PEDES team. This completes the final manuscript submission process.

Procedure for IEEE Copyright Form eCF submission:

  1. Login into the Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) portal.
  2. Navigate to the “Author Console” page (the page where all your submitted papers are listed).
  3. Against each of your “Accepted” papers, you will find “Camera Ready” enabled. In case it has not been enabled for any of your “Accepted” papers, email with the detail of your “Paper ID” for which “Camera Ready” has not been enabled.
  4. There will be two links under “Camera Ready”.
  5. Ignore the “Create the Camera Ready Submission” link since the final paper is being collected through “PDF eXpress Plus” site. [Kindly note that final paper needs to be submitted only through the “PDF eXpress Plus” site. Any submissions made through the Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) portal will be ignored.]
  6. Click on the “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” link and follow the instructions therein. After reading the instructions there in and getting redirected to the IEEE Copyright Website, kindly read the following notes and proceed with filling the IEEE Copyright Form (eCF):
    1. IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) filling has several steps. At each step, kindly read and follow the instructions (if any) provided alongside.
    2. There will be an option to edit the “Title” and “Author List” while filling the IEEE Copyright Form (eCF). You are expected to follow the instructions listed here if you make any changes to the “Title” and/or “Author List” in the final paper. In case you have made any such changes, they can be incorporated in the eCF through this edit option. Kindly note that the “Title” and “Author List” in IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) should match with the final paper submitted through “PDF eXpress Plus” site.
    3. Once you complete the submission of the IEEE Copyright Form (eCF), there will be an option to download the eCF in PDF format. Kindly make sure that you download it.
    4. After completing the eCF, you will be redirected to the “Author Console” page (the page where all your submitted papers are listed). Kindly click on the “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” link again and upload the IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) under “Files”. Authors who have multiple accepted papers are requested to kindly make sure that they upload the correct eCF against each submission.
    5. In case you forget to download the eCF as indicated in (c) above, you can download it any time by using the “Submit IEEE Copyright Form” link and following the relevant instructions therein.


Submission of list of content addressing reviewer/meta-reviewer comments: Oct 15, 2018.
Final Manuscript Submission to PDF eXpress site: Oct 31, 2018. Nov 7, 2018 [hard deadline]
Submission of electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF): Oct 31, 2018.


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