Recommended Candidates for MS/PhD/Direct PhD – July 2021

  • The following are the candidates provisionally recommended for admission to MS/PhD/Direct PhD at the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras for July 2021. The second list shows the waitlisted candidates. 
  • Please note that the recommendations are subject to approval by the Competent Authority.
  • The admission offer letters are likely to be sent in the first week of July 2021. 
  • Waitlisted candidates will receive an offer if a confirmed candidate from the particular stream and category declines admission. 

Recommendation category

  • HTRA: Stipend from MHRD funds
  • Project/Project-NHTRA: Stipend from project funds
  • Part time: No financial support from the institute
  • External: No financial support from the institute

List of candidates recommended for admission

Stream Application number Name Recommendation category Programme
EE1 EE2104AP0325 Avik Mukhopadhyay HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0143 Sai Pradeep Muppaneni HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0234 Jashaswini Bhuyan HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2102P0038 Safoora K T HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0341 Kunchakara Alekhya HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104P0276 Abhijeet Abhimanyu Masal Part Time PhD
EE1 EE2101P0005 Pralaypati Ta External PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0078 Adarsh Singh Niranjan Project PhD
EE1 EE2104D0031 Sattwik Nandi HTRA Direct PhD
EE1 EE2104D0048 Rishubh Parihar Project Direct PhD
EE1 EE2104M0536 Thakore Varun Pragnesh HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0120 Sai Swetha Manonmayee Bharatula HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0526 Sourasis Chatterjee HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0310 Mukhar Mehrotra HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0627 Kartik Vishnu Hegde HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0298 Usurupati Sushma HTRA MS
EE1 EE2103M0006 K. B. S. D. Sai Praneeth Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M1013 Pavithra K Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0185 Nitin Digambar Patwari Project MS
EE1 EE2104AM0158 Lakkireddy Sai Sandeep Reddy Project MS
EE1 EE2103M0106 Matcha Naga Gayathri Project MS
EE1 EE2104M0365 C Sneha Sree Project MS
EE1 EE2103AM0021 Mohammad Al Fahim K Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0317 Jannie Sanjana S. Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2103D0011 M Anand Krishna Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0933 Abdul Wahid Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0067 Goli Ganesh Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0267 Koushik Bhat Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M1028 Akash Sharma Project-NHTRA MS
EE1 EE2103M0059 Pallavi Varma P K External MS
EE2 EE2104P0343 Athbel Joe C. HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2103P0071 Julakanti Satheesh Reddy HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104AP0069 Shovan Dey HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104AP0213 Manoj Dhivakar J HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104P0411 Leena Gautam HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104AP0118 Ajay Kumar Rai Project PhD
EE2 EE2103P0114 Kousik Ghosh Project PhD
EE2 EE2104P0033 Devjyoti Roy Project PhD
EE2 EE2104AP0186 Gandluri Parameswarreddy Project PhD
EE2 EE2103AP0005 Soumyadeep Chowdhury Project PhD
EE2 EE2104M0442 Steven Sunny Alappat HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104D0072 H R Sai Kiran Pandit HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104M0535 Nithyadas P V HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104AD0068 Saurabh Singh HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104AM0123 Onkar Ganesh Bhakare Project MS
EE2 EE2104AM0293 Bitata Sarkar Project MS
EE3 EE2104P0254 Mohit Sharma HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0034 Aparajita Modak HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0169 Pallavi Kumari HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104P0041 Rajeswari Yerraguntla HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0367 Rishabh Soni HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0251 Shonkho Shuvro HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AD0038 Abdul Kashif Shah HTRA Direct PhD
EE3 EE2104AD0031 Salil Chourasia HTRA Direct PhD
EE3 EE2103AD0007 Bilal Ahmad Laley HTRA Direct PhD
EE3 EE2104M0296 Sovan Barman HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0324 Sunny Bherwani HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0721 Rohit Singh Rawat HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0226 Saurabh Kumar Singh HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0192 Gangam Pavan Kumar HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0422 Taha Saquib HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0104 Sagar Yadav HTRA MS
EE3 EE2103AM0037 Vikas Verma HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104AP0270 Biplab Nath HTRA PhD
EE4 EE2104AP0008 Jaganathan G Project PhD
EE4 EE2102P0022 Gaikwad Pramod Nagnath Project PhD
EE4 EE2104P0149 Noel Philip Valiyakalayil External PhD
EE4 EE2104P0287 Srinivasa Karthik External PhD
EE4 EE2104M0624 Amal S Thomas HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M1010 Rahul R HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0092 Bhumika Gupta Project MS
EE4 EE2104M0807 Arihant Jain Project MS
EE4 EE2104M0445 Arunima Sarkar Project MS
EE4 EE2104M0898 Mansi Kakkar Project MS
EE4 EE2104M0095 Vishnu S Nair Project MS
EE4 EE2104AM0294 Shreyash Sinha Project MS
EE4 EE2104M0698 Girish V V Project-NHTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0174 Elamaran M External MS
EE4 EE2104M0213 Sricharan Vijayarangan External MS
EE4 EE2104M0222 Shubham Sharma External MS
EE4 EE2104M0470 Antony Raj External MS
EE4 EE2104M0595 Nivash Kumar S External MS
EE5 EE2104AP0031 Uma Mandal HTRA PhD
EE5 EE2104P0249 Suchith Rajagopal External PhD
EE5 EE2104M0759 Anant Goyal HTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0467 Sreeraj P Nambiar HTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0656 Amit Jaiswal HTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0038 Mathu Mathi M Project-NHTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0316 Ritam Gupta Project-NHTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0177 Debdutta Basu Project-NHTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0567 S Viswanathan Project-NHTRA MS
EE5 EE2104M0994 Srirapa Sai Srikar Project MS
EE6 EE2104AP0261 Mandula Sharath Babu HTRA PhD
EE6 EE2104AM0122 Ritavash Das HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0049 Arnab Jana HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104AM0115 Suryadipto Mukherjee HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0173 Tiyyagura Tirumala Reddy HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0687 Abhishek Bhandari HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0313 Ishan Mishra HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0243 Mandela Chanakya HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0413 R Arundeepakvel HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0780 Richa Mishra HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0118 Varchas S Bharadwaj HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0165 Siriseni Prashanth Reddy HTRA MS
EE6 EE2103AM0027 Manish HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104AM0195 Vendra Durga Prasad HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104AM0321 Laxmi Choudhary HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104AM0183 Koutharapu Venkatesh HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104AM0162 Nagabhushana Rao Panila HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0258 Adarsh Sinha HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0670 Rishabh Porwal Project MS
EE6 EE2104M0937 Abhishek Pandey Project MS
EE6 EE2104M0145 Sarvjit Ajit Patil Project MS
EE6 EE2104M0259 Debojyoti Sinh Roy Project MS
EE6 EE2103M0155 Ritvik Singh Project MS
EE6 EE2104M0548 Tirumala Navadikshith Kumar Reddy Project MS
EE6 EE2104AM0137 Brijendra Kumar Project MS
EE7 EE2104AP0239 Rohan Kumar Shil Project PhD
EE7 EE2104D0096 Karthik Shenoy HTRA Direct PhD
EE7 EE2104D0122 Aashi Shrinate Project Direct PhD
EE7 EE2104D0030 Swetha Avulapati Project Direct PhD
EE7 EE2104M0170 Keshav Agrawal HTRA MS
EE7 EE2104M0384 Snehal Ahire HTRA MS
EE7 EE2104AM0124 Divanshu Gupta HTRA MS
EE7 EE2104M0983 Geethanjali Ravi Project-NHTRA MS
EE7 EE2103M0156 Srihari P V External MS
EE5 EE2104AD0035 Yash Raj Project Direct PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0087 Siddhant Mehta HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104AP0101 Avik Kar HTRA PhD
EE1 EE2104M0375 Amritesh Ghosh HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0135 Arkadeep Sinha HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104M0783 Satwik Komma HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104AM0261 Kalyani Vasantrao Lande HTRA MS
EE3 EE2103AP0036 Aadil Bashir Dar HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104M0146 Deberjeet Usham HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0775 Utkarsh Bhadade HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0381 Aishwarya HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104AP0132 Sagi Shiva Sreenivasa Dheerendra Koushik HTRA PhD
EE6 EE2104M0937 Abhishek Pandey HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0145 Sarvjit Ajit Patil HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0014 Priyank Bhardwaj HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0259 Debojyoti Sinh Roy HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0057 Md Tarique Project MS
EE7 EE2104AM0129 Soumyajit Chakraborty HTRA MS
Waitlisted candidates:

EE1 EE2104D0048 Rishubh Parihar HTRA Direct PhD
EE1 EE2103AM0023 Shashwat Pathak HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104AM0158 Lakkireddy Sai Sandeep Reddy HTRA MS
EE1 EE2103M0106 Matcha Naga Gayathri HTRA MS
EE1 EE2104M0365 C Sneha Sree HTRA MS
EE2 EE2104AP0112 Ratiranjan Behera HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104AP0299 Pranav Kumar Jha HTRA PhD
EE2 EE2104AM0136 Sambid Panda HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AP0431 Nivedita Rai HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0061 Bhaskar Kumar HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2103AP0006 Snehanjali Majumder HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104AP0398 Anirban Chowdhury HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2103P0085 Satya Narayana HTRA PhD
EE3 EE2104D0106 Dibaskar Biswas HTRA Direct PhD
EE3 EE2104AM0076 Subhadip Ghosh HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0177 Aritra Basu HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0145 Debanshu Chattopadhyay HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0027 Priyajit Bhattacharya HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0467 Sreeraj P Nambiar HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0077 Amitabh Kumar Singh HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0172 Debabrata Chowdhury HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M1057 Bireshwar Das HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0832 Gulipilli Lavanya HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0012 Oad Amit Rameshbhai HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0159 Peddapalli Sumanth HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104AM0063 Arindam Paul HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0216 Ujjawal Kumar Singh HTRA MS
EE3 EE2104M0874 Dharmendra Chaudhary HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104AP0008 Jaganathan G HTRA PhD
EE4 EE2104AP0188 Gunjan Singh HTRA PhD
EE4 EE2103AP0050 Catherine Thomas HTRA PhD
EE4 EE2102P0022 Gaikwad Pramod Nagnath HTRA PhD
EE4 EE2104M0092 Bhumika Gupta HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0807 Arihant Jain HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0445 Arunima Sarkar HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0898 Mansi Kakkar HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104M0095 Vishnu S Nair HTRA MS
EE4 EE2104AM0294 Shreyash Sinha HTRA MS
EE5 EE2103AP0059 Sylvie Rana HTRA PhD
EE5 EE2104P0341 Priya HTRA PhD
EE5 EE2104M0134 Ankit Kundu HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0670 Rishabh Porwal HTRA MS
EE6 EE2104M0057 Md Tarique HTRA MS