The Control and Optimization group is part of the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras and is mainly located in the second level of the Electrical Sciences Block (ESB).

The group aims to perform quality and impactful research in the fundamental areas of Control and Optimization and also in the emerging subdisciplines that lie at the ever- expanding intersection of these areas. Along with theoretical research, the group looks to explore industrial applications and real-time implementation of the developed methods on hardware platforms. Various theoretical, applied and laboratory-based courses are being offered by the group, which have been carefully designed to build a foundation in control and optimization andlead the students to the state of the art.

Presently, six faculty members oversee and direct the research activities in six labs. Current research spans the foundational areas of Linear and Nonlinear Control, Optimization, Geometric Mechanics, Networked Dynamical Systems, System Identification, Game theory and Learning theory and the applied areas of Embedded Systems, Cloud-computing, Multi-agent Robotics, LIGO, Building-automation, Mechatronics and Power-electronics among many others. For more details on the ongoing work, please visit our research activities page.